New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) on Saturday submitted its report over the Kozhikode plane crash in August last year which claimed the lives of 21 people and said that the accident happened because the pilot in command (PIC) did not follow the standard operating procedure (SOPs).

The 257-page report highlighted several loopholes, including the pilot's "unstabilised approach" and "overconfidence" and systemic failures, that led to the deadly crash at the Kozhikode Airport.

Here's everything you need to know about the big story in five points:

1. The AAIB report stated that the "non-adherence to the SOPs" by the pilot and his "unstabilised approach" were the major reasons behind the crash.

The pilot "landed beyond the touchdown zone, halfway down the runway, in spite of 'Go Around' call by Pilot Monitoring which warranted a mandatory 'Go Around' and the failure of the pilot monitoring to take over controls and execute a 'Go Around'," the report stated, as reported by news agency ANI.

2. In its report, the AAIB also said that pilot's vast experience of landing at Kozhikode under similar weather conditions might have led to "overconfidence leading to complacency".

3. The report also said that systemic failures could be a factor that cannot be overlooked in the accident.

"These usually occur due to prevailing safety culture that give rise to errors, mistakes and violation of routine tasks performed by people operating within the system. Hence, the contributory factors enumerated below include both the immediate causes and the deeper or systemic causes," it said.

4. It also said that the pilot "did not carry out adequate briefing for landing with tailwinds" in poor weather, adding that "mandatory calculation of landing distances" was also omitted.

5. Alternate airfields most suited for 'diversions' in case of a second missed approach under the prevailing weather conditions and unserviceable windshield wiper were not covered during the briefing, the report said.

"This was a violation of the SOP, and the error magnified on this approach as the landing was made in strong tailwind condition on a wet tabletop runway in active rain," it added.

What happened on that fateful day?

On August 7, 2020, at the Kozhikode Airport in Kerala, Air India Express's B737-800 aircraft had overshot the runway, leading to the death of 21 people, including two pilots, while 165 others sustained injuries. The plane, which had 186 people onboard, was coming from Dubai.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma