Noida Twin Towers Demolition: How Dust From Explosion Will Impact Nearby Residents | Explained

Noida Twin Towers Demolition: The demolition has caused dust and the use of explosives in the process has resulted in smoke.

Noida Twin Towers Demolition: How Dust From Explosion Will Impact Nearby Residents | Explained
A view of the Supertech's 40 storey illegal Twin Towers Apex and Ceyane: Photo(ANI)

Noida's twin towers were demolished on Sunday (August 28) following the Supreme Court order. The illegal Supertech towers have 915 flats and are located nine metres from Emerald Court's Aster-2 apartment block. The demolition resulted in dust and explosives were used for the process of demolition. Know how the dust caused due to demolition will impact the nearby residents.

How Dust Will Impact The Nearby Residents:

According to the news agency ANI, the experts overseeing the towers' demolition will take steps to control its impact on the residents and the resulting dust will have minimal impact on their health. As per Dr Mrinal Sircar, Head Pulmonology and Critical Care, Fortis Noida, the demolition of a big structure will result in dust and the usage of explosives will cause smoke as well. "When you demolish a big structure like that there will be dust and there would be some smoke because you are using explosives. So, the direction of the air matters. The direction of the wind should also be taken into consideration. Demolishing like this or rather an explosion happening in the open air is much safer than say underground mines," Dr Sircar was quoted saying by ANI.

Dr Sircar also mentioned that if this was something underground, where it won't get dissipated, in such scenarios as underground mines, and explosions, they use various exhaust techniques so that it's sewn out in the ambient air. He added, "The dust and gases will get diluted in the air and will get dispersed. The experts who are involved in such big demolitions will take care of all these things."

Safety of Residents:

According to Jigar Chedda, Project Manager, Edifice Engineering, the best team is working on this project and the residents don't need to be afraid. "I understand the concern of the nearby people here, but I would like to give the message to them that please don't be afraid. The best team in the world is working on the project," he said as quoted by ANI.

Speaking about the guidelines issued by the authorities and precautions, he added, "The Noida authorities have issued guidelines for the neighbouring people as they are very clear about what the people have to do when they need to leave and come back, and what all precautions we are taking, the nearby residents are aware of everything."

Meanwhile, Dr Sircar said that the evacuation is taking place so that the residents can come back safely after whatever poisoning it causes in the next few hours once it is diluted in the air. Talking about the precautions, Dr Sircar said, "So those are the precautions which are taken. I believe people have taken precautions like putting sheets on top of the buildings etc. The direct impact of dust falling on that will probably be the only thing that will get stopped."

Mr Chedda mentioned that the demolition will be done in 12 seconds. Then, Noida authorities can bring machines and people to clear the dust and everything that would follow. 

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