New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Amid the standoff with China after the clash in Galwan Valley in June, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said that 'no meaningful solution' has come out till now during the military level talks with the neighbour country to resolve the border issue between the two countries. Rajnath Singh also said that both the countries are trying to resolve the impasse at the earliest and there is status quo along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Rajnath Singh, as quoted by news agency ANI, said that if the status quo remains in place then there will be no reduction in the deployment of troops along the border to check every activity of the Chinese PLA. The defence minister also said that the next round of military talks with the Chinese side can take place anytime soon.

"It is true that in order to reduce the standoff between India and China, talks were taking place on a military and diplomatic level. But no success has been achieved so far. There will be a next round of talks on a military level which can take place anytime. But no meaningful outcome has come and there is status quo," Rajnath Singh said.

"If there is a status quo, it is natural how deployment can be reduced. There will be no reduction in our deployment and I fell their deployment will also not come down. I don't think that status-quo is a positive development at all. Talks are on and they result in a positive outcome, that is our expectation," he added.

He also said that hotline messages have been exchanged between the two countries to discuss the issues for the next round of talks. "On what issues talks will be held, an exchange of messages is taking place between the two countries," he said.

Meanwhile, the External Affairs had said after the WMCC meeting on December 18 that both sides agreed to maintain close consultations at the diplomatic and military level. It said they agreed that the next (9th) round of Senior Commanders meeting should be held at an early date so that both sides can work towards early and complete disengagement of troops along the LAC in accordance with the existing bilateral agreements and protocols, and fully restore peace and tranquillity.

Rajnath Singh also said that India is very focused on dealing with external threats to its security and anyone who causes trouble will not be spared. "If a country is expansionist and tries to occupy our land, occupy a piece of our land, then India has the capability and power to not let its land go into anyone's hand, whether it is any country of the world," he said.

The minister said that when he visited eastern Ladakh after the Galwan clash, the morale of soldiers was high. "The morale of our troops was and is high. The restraint, valour and bravery they have exhibited this time, the more it is praised, it is less," he said, adding that the Army will not allow "the country's pride to be dented".


(With ANI Inputs)

Posted By: Talib Khan