New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: As per the weather forecast, monsoon is expected to be average this time in South Western India. It may also stay in the neighboring states including Delhi for a long time. The monsoon season will arrive at its appointed time, but will stay for longer this time. This means, there will be a prolonged opportunity for water conservation and plantation campaign like Jagran's 'Save every drop' campaign. 

According to the Skymet Weather microanalysis, this time the rainy season in the country will commence from June to September, but will last till October. It is forecast that the monsoon rains will be slightly mild in the initial period, but will be relatively good in August - September. Megh will continue to make his presence felt till the monsoon's departure in October.

According to a latest analysis, June and July will remain neutral, while the monsoon will trigger properly from August snd September. It was also found out that the overall rainfall this year will be lesser than usual. In 2021, the monsoon will be affected by 10 to 15%. However, the duration of the rains will be long and the light or heavy drizzling may continue which will mostly take place in the areas of water conservation and greenery. 

As per Dr. JPS Dabas (Principal Agricultural Scientist, Indian Agricultural Research Institute), even light rain showers for a good crop are not less than a boon. It is going to prove beneficial for the farmers if the duration of rains will be slightly longer during a normal monsoon. Now, whether it rains fast or light, it's a good thing that this year's monsoon is going to be suitable for farming.

Now take a look at the status of the upcoming monsoon season in the following states:


The monsoon is expected to knock on Delhi's doors around June 27. Mahesh Palawat (Chief Meteorologist, Skymet Weather) said that Delhi will see good amount of rain this time and so will the adjoining states. Due to the prolonged rainy season, the ground water level will also increase and this water will become a lifesaver for the green area.

Uttar Pradesh

Rains may come a little earlier in Uttar Pradesh, especially western UP than Delhi. The two places share borders with each other therefore the time of rains hitting the state will be somewhat close.

Haryana and Punjab

Another set of states neighbouring the capital are Punjab and Haryana. Just like Delhi, some parts of the two states will too experience monsoon during June. 


Rajasthan, especially the northern part of it, is expecting to have rains during the first week of July.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal