New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in the 69th edition of the popular radio programme Mann ki Baat on Sunday. In his latest address, PM Modi hailed the passage the key farm-sector bills and said it will empower farmers and give them freedom to sell their produce. He also espoused Mahatma Gandhi's economic philosophy and added that the country would have been self-reliant by now if we had followed on his footsteps. The Prime Minister also shares the some of the success stories of farmers.

Here are the highlights from the latest episode of PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat

11: 38 am: Agricultural sector will benefit immensely from greater use of technology in farming, says PM Modi

11:34 am: Had we followed Bapu's economic philosophy, we would never have to work to build aatmanirbhar bharat. It would have happened much earlier.

11:30 am: PM Modi recalls the scarifice of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, says he epitomised courage and patriotism

11: 28 am: PM Modi shares the inspiring story of Ismail Bhai from Banaskantha, Gujarat

11:27 am: PM Modi shares stories of some farmers and praises them for their commendable work

11:26 am: PM Modi hails passage of farm bills, says it will empower farmers and give them the power to sell their produce.

11:23 am: One who is grounded and stays firm during the biggest of storms. Our farmers who are living example of this as they faced the COVID crisis.

11:20 am: Farmers are playing a key role in efforts to build self-reliant India

11: 18 am : PM Modi speaks to Aparna Athreya and other storytellers from Bengaluru storytelling society

11:17 am: There is an important tradition of storytelling in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is called Villu Pattu. Find a topic and tell a story on that topic encourage everyone in your family to participate.

11:15 am: Coronavirus crisis is serving in fostering bond among family members beinging them even closer.

11:13 am : I have spent a major part of life as an Parivrajak, ascetic, says PM Modi

11:11 am: In Gujarat,, Yogita Bansal Ahujais doing great work in the field of storytelling.

11:09 am: There are many inititiaves popularising the art of storytelling in rural India. People like Vaishal Vyavhara Deshpande, who are popularising in Marathi language. 

11:07 am: Stories compel you to think. Stories for kids hones creativity and efine their personality. We are proud to be citizens of the land which has a tradition of hitopdesh, panchtantra.

11:03 am: Storytelling or Kissagoi is a very old tradition in India. In fact. it is as old as our civilization

11:01 am: PM Modi's 69th episode of monthly Mann ki Baat programme begins 

Posted By: Rakesh Kumar Jha