New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The third wave of Covid-19 has already hit India and the virus is currently spreading five times faster as if there is an explosion of the same. India in the last 24 hours recorded 1.9 Lakh new cases of coronavirus with a high positivity rate.

Meanwhile, the Omicron variant of Corona has also tightened its grip in the nation as the R-value of seven states in India is above 3.If comparing this wave from the first and second wave of Corona, then the situation is becoming more frightening than before as India has almost touched 2 lakh cases on daily basis.

The sharp rise of covid cases in the country has raised a big question of whether there will be a Lockdown in the country or not? Will there be a third lockdown? And if not, what are the strategy that government needs to keep in mind for curbing the cases.

What preparations have been done by Government to tackle the third wave of Covid?

According to Dr. PN Arora, MD of Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad this time the health infrastructure in the country has strengthened. He claims that the health services in the nation are much better and strong after the first and the second wave of Covid in the country.

He said, "Today, about 18.03 lakh isolation beds are arranged in the country. Apart from this, there are arrangements for 1.24 ICU beds and There are 3,236 oxygen plants with capacity of 3, 783 metric tonnes are currently working in the nation."

He added," The center has provided 1.14 lakh oxygen concentrates to the state government and over 150 crore Covid jabs have been administered in the country, which comprises of 64 percent of the population with first dose of vaccine and 46 percent of the population are fully vaccinates."

He further said that to avoid lockdown like situation in the country, citizens should abide by the guidelines and suggestions of the government.

Health Facilities Arrangement by Government for Third Wave In India:

As per Dr. PN Arora, it is a sign of relief that even though the pace of corona in the country is fast, but the proportion of hospitalization is much slower than the second wave.

Also the capacity of health facilities in the country has increased after the second lockdown in the country. Barring a few states, there is no panic as before.

Restrictions imposed by different State governments:

For curbing the effect of the virus in the country, several states and UTs have already imposed weekend lockdown and night curfews in the state. Night curfew has been imposed in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. Meanwhile, other restrictions have been imposed on schools, public offices, public places, and others.

Vaccination has been made almost mandatory in most of the states, however, many states have also witnessed 100 percent vaccination till now.

Is Lockdown required?

So to sum up, if the positivity rate of the cases is taken into account then speed has never been seen before in cases. And if we compare the previous lockdown criteria then the government should impose lockdown by now. During the third wave, till January 6, the rate of doubling of cases came down to 454 days and during this period there has been an increase of 18 times in daily corona infection cases, but the situation is still under control as the influx of patients in the hospital is less.

Posted By: Ashita Singh