New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Lal Krishna Advani will celebrate his 94th birthday on Monday. Born on November 8, 1927, in Pakistan's Karachi, Advani served as the Union Home Minister in Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government from 1998-2004. He also served as India's Deputy Prime Minister from 2002 to 2004.

LK Advani is also one of the co-founders of the BJP. He had completed his schooling at Saint Patrick's High School in Karachi and later got himself enrolled in DG National College in Hyderabad. During the partition, Advani came to India along with his family and did his graduation in Law from the Government Law College of the Bombay University. In 1942, Advani started his political career as a volunteer and became a part of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Here's a look at some of the famous quotes of the top BJP leader:

1. "Main problem of Bangladesh was its culture of denial by the government by not acknowledging how can the problem be solved."

2. "[Lauding the efforts of] people made by RSS ... when we reflect at BJP today as a building, these people are the foundation stones."

3. "Some MLAs may have personal differences. But all differences should be dealt with amicably within the party framework."

4. "The limits and boundaries (of the party) should not be crossed. However, the unrest within the party will not affect the development of the state."

4. "The Partition was British guilt. The Emergency is ours."

5. "India has received an honest government at Centre under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The government is determined to fulfil all its promises and it is moving in the right direction to do so."

6."I do not see any sign in our polity that assures me, any outstanding aspect of leadership. A commitment to democracy and to all other aspects related to democracy is lacking"

7. "I had told Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the early 1970s that I had developed an inferiority complex due to his speeches," Advani said in 2011 at an event organised to mark his 85th birthday. He added: "I tell the same to Sushma Swaraj [the current external affairs minister] also. I really mean it."

8. "He said that he felt shy about speaking in public and always wanted to stay from giving public speeches. He even turned down the offer of being the president of the Jan Sangh, the party which would then turn into BJP, thinking he would not be able to address public gatherings. "I was in awe of Atal ji, and earlier felt that if politicians spoke so well, then I would not be able to make it," he said.

9. "Atalji will be remembered as the pioneer of the first-ever stable non-Congress coalition government at the Centre and I had the privilege of working as his deputy for six years"

10. "Under Modi's leadership, Gujarat will be able to achieve rural development in a manner in which it has not been achieved previously in India."

11. "The limits and boundaries (of the party) should not be crossed. However, the unrest within the party will not affect the development of the state."

12. "Bullets for the Kar Sevaks, Biryani for the Kashmiri Militants"

13. "India should not betray its essentially Hindu personality."

14. "The essence of Indian Democracy is respect for diversity and freedom of expression."

15. "Nation first, party next, Self last."

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen