New Delhi| Jagran News Desk: As the vaccination drive in the India is on rise, there has been a rise in supply of fake vaccine vials. To overcome this, the Union Health Ministry has issued guidelines to all the states and union territories on how to differentiate between fake vaccines and ensure that only authentic vaccine vials get administered. Recently, WHO informed that there are several countries in the South-East Asia and Africa where counterfeit versions of Covishield have been found.

According to Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya,"It has been claimed that duplicate versions of Covishield vaccine were sold in the country. The Indian government is probing this claim and will take action if it found any substance to the allegations." Further, in order to avoid any administeration of fake vaccines the Indian government has issued some parameters. Let us tell you, how to Identify a fake vaccine?

Here's the list of Parameters:

How to Identify if Covishield is authentic?

- The product label: The original SII label of the vial should be dark green in colour to be exact (shade: Pantone 355C). Also the colour of aluminium flip off seal should be dark green.
- The Covishield brand name should be mentioned on all caps i.e. COVISHIELD
-The text on the vial is printed in special white ink to be more clear and readable.
-The font of the Generic name is not in bold.
- The label should have a overprint with CGS NOT FOR SALE.
-SII original vials have the logo on the adhesive side of the label as well.
- The vial has very subtle honeycomb design, that is altered in certain strategic places, not visible to general eye but only to those who know the details.

How to identify if Covaxin is authentic ?

-The original vial of covaxin consist an invisible UV helix (DNA like structure) that is present on the label of the vial and is only visibleunder UV light.
-The vial's label also contains hidden micro Dots that spells Covaxin.
-The brand name COVAXIN has a “green foil effect” in “X” of Covaxin’s spelling.
-The covaxin vial will have a holographic effect on the word COVAXIN on the label.

How to identify if Sputnik-V is authentic?

- All the vials will have the same information except, the manufactures name.
-The vial will contain an english label on the front and back of the carton of 5 ampoule pack for all imported vaccine products. While, the other sides of the vial and the primary label on the ampoule will have Russian text written on it.

Posted By: Ashita Singh