New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the students at Royal Bhutan University, said that his book ‘Exam Warriors’ is inspired by the teachings of Lord Buddha.

PM Modi talked about a recent Facebook post by Bhutan Prime Minister Lotay Tshering that ‘touched his heart’.

“A few days back, my good friend, Prime Minister Dr. Tshering wrote a Facebook post that touched my heart. In that post he mentioned about Exam Warriors, a book I wrote to advise youngsters about how to face exams without stress,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said that his book is inspired by the teaching of Lord Buddha.

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“Can I tell you something? Much of what I wrote in Exam Warriors is influenced by the teachings of Lord Buddha, especially the importance of positivity, overcoming fear and living in oneness, be it with the present moment or with Mother Nature,” he said.

‘Exam Warriors’ is a book written by PM Modi. It was published last year. It advises students to stay calm and focused during the examination period.

The book highlights the need to treat exams like festivals, the importance of technology and the quality of sleep required to beat the stress.

“It drives home the important point that when it comes to examinations, there is no need to worry excessively or view it as a life-and-death situation,” PM Modi is quoted in the book as saying.

Earlier this week, Bhutan PM Lotay Tshering wished India on its 73rd Independence Day and talked about ‘Exam Warriors’ in a Facebook post.

“In this book, as he highlights many life's lessons forget dreaming about becoming a prime minister, I was never even a class monitor,” he said.

“For someone who has to think for billions of people and represent them on the global stage, he takes time out to prepare children on handling exams. Is it not empathy, an intrinsic quality of a good leader?” he added.

PM Modi is on a two-day visit to Bhutan. He addressed the students of the Royal University of Bhutan in Thimpu this morning. This is PM Modi’s second visit to Bhutan and the first since his re-election in May this year. 

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