New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The coronavirus cases in India crossed the 1 lakh-mark on Tuesday and reached 1,01,139 after recording 4,970 cases in a span of 24-hours. Subsequently, the death toll in the country also increased to 3,163 with 134 fatalities reported in last 24-hours.  

India crossed the 1 lakh mark in 111 days of reporting the first coronavirus case. The country had reported its first confirmed case of coronavirus on January 30 when a medical student from Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus, tested positive in Thrissur, Kerala.

Meanwhile, comparing the COVID-19 cases with other countries which have large number of coronavirus cases, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Monday said that India has a very less percentage of cases per lakh people as compared to other countries. According to the health ministry, India has about 7.1 cases per lakh population, while the average of the whole world is 60 per lakh population.

According to the data provided by Worldometer, the total number of coronavirus cases cases in the world is 48,94,071 and the total number of fatalities due to the deadly pathogen stands at 3,20,180. Among the worst affected countries the United States tops the list, followed by Russia, Spain, Brazil, UK and Italy. 

As the country crossed the 1 lakh-mark and 3,000 fatalities here’s a comparison of India with 5 most-affected countries in reaching 1 lakh cases of COVID-19:


Total Cases: 1,01,139

Total Deaths: 3,163

Total Recovered: 39,173

Days to reach 1 lakh cases: 111 days (From Jan 30 to May 19)


Total Cases: 15,50,294

Total Deaths: 91,981

Total Recovered: 3,56,383

Days to reach 1 lakh cases: 41 days -- (From Jan 19 to March 27) 


Total Cases: 2,90,678

Total Deaths: 2,722

Total Recovered: 70,209

Days to reach 1 lakh cases: 91 days (From Jan 31 to April 30)


Total Cases: 2,78,188

Total Deaths: 27,709

Total Recovered: 1,96,958

Days to reach 1 lakh cases: 61 days (From 31 Jan to April 1) 


Total Cases: 2,55,368

Total Deaths: 16,853

Total Recovered: 1,00,459

Days to reach 1 lakh cases: 67 days (From Feb 26 to May 3)

United Kingdom

Total Cases: 2,46,406

Total Deaths: 34,796

Total Recovered: N/A

Days to reach 1 lakh cases: 76 days (From Jan 31 to April 16)


Total Cases: 2,25,886

Total Deaths: 32,007

Total Recovered: 1,27,326

Days to reach 1 lakh cases: 60 days (From Jan 31 to March 30)  


(Disclaimer: The above data has been taken from Wikipedia and Worldometer, except for India)

Posted By: Talib Khan