New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the nation through his MannKi Baat programme and said that as the citizen of this country we should focus on two things -- defeating corona and strengthening economy & bolstering it -- amid this coronavirus pandemic. PM Modi also said that the country is swiftly moving from the lockdown phase to Unlock phase. 

"My dear countrymen, in these times of corona crisis, the country has moved out of the lockdown phase to the unlock phase. During this unlock period, one will have to focus deeply on two points- defeating corona and strengthening economy & bolstering it", PM Modi said as reported by news agency ANI.

PM Modi also notified that during this Unlock phase, many things have unlocked from years of lockdown as he referred to the privatisation of the mining sector. He said that the action to commercial several sectors, which had shackled the country for decades, has now altered the scenario in the mining sector completely. 


"Friends, during this unlock phase, many other things are getting unlocked, which had hitherto, shackled the country for decades. For years our mining sector was in a state of lockdown. The decision to allow commercial auction has altered the scenario completely", PM Modi said. 

PM Modi also reminded that during this Unlock period we need to be more careful and should strictly follow social distancing norms and other precautions religiously. He also appealed citizens to not be careless. 


"As compared to Lockdown, we need to be even more careful now during Unlock. If you don't wear masks, follow social distancing & other precautions, you put yourself as well as others at risk. I appeal to all countrymen to not be careless", PM added. 

The Prime Minister also added that people have been talking about the year 2020, during which the world is witnessing many challenges, however, PM Modi said that India's history shows that we have emerged stronger after every challenge.  

"People are commonly talking about one thing- when will 2020 end. They feel it has been a year of many challenges. There could be any number of challenges but our history shows that we've always overcome them. We've emerged stronger after challenges", PM Modi said. 

Posted By: Talib Khan