Copenhagen | Jagran News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Denmark on May 3rd, interacted with the Indian diaspora in Copenhagen and said that inclusiveness & cultural diversity is the strength of the Indian community which gives us a sense of liveliness every moment. In meet with the Indian community, PM's Danish counterpart PM Mette Frederiksen marked her presence and addressed the community too.

In her presence, PM Modi said that "Danish PM Mette Frederiksen's presence here is the evidence of the love and respect she has for people of India."

He added, "Last yr, when int'l travel became possible, PM Frederiksen was 1st Head of Govt whom we had the opportunity to welcome in India. It shows the strengthening of India-Denmark relations. What's spl is that our Green Strategic Partnership is guided by her personal priorities & values."

Indian PM also talked about other world leaders and how Indian culture on a global platform is making the nation strong. "When I meet world leaders they never tire of narrating about the peaceful and hardworking nature of the Indians. Inclusiveness and cultural diversity is the strength of the Indian community," PM said.

"Inclusiveness & cultural diversity is that strength of the Indian community which gives us a sense of liveliness every moment...It might be any language, but the culture of all of us is Indian...."

In interaction with Indian community in Copenhagen, PM Modi urged Indians residing in Denmark to inspire friends to visit India under the curtail of being 'Rashtradoot'.

"I want to tell our Danish friends to come to India to jointly find answers to the problems of the planet. You should inspire at least five of your friends to visit India...and people will say 'Chalo India'. This is the work you all 'Rashtradoot' have to do."

He also discussed how Indians are making big contributions to Digital India concepts and the Green strategic partnership between the two countries is guided by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederickson's personal priorities and values.

The Prime Minister also lauded India's role on vaccinating the world during the Covid-19 pandemic waves. He said India becoming a trusted and reliable partner in the global supply chain. “Imagine, if we wouldn't have been able to take vaccination to every family in India, what would've been its impact on the world. Had India not worked on made in India & effective vaccines, not had a large scale production, what would've been the situation in several countries," he further mentioned.

Posted By: Ashita Singh