Kolkata | Jagran News Desk: The deadly coronavirus has infected more than 10 million people and killed half a million people across the world. Only six months since it was first reported, the novel coronavirus, officially known as SARS-CoV-2 has triggered a global crisis.

So far, there has been no cure but a few drugs to help treat the patients. It has been claimed by several experts that those with a better immune system are less likely to succumb to the virus.

While the world is busy preparing the vaccines, West Bengal has come up with its contribution.

An official from the Animal Source Development Department has claimed to develop a sweet that will boost immunity. Cotton cheese made from pure cow milk will be mixed with pure honey from the Sunderbans to prepare the Sandesh sweet, that the official claimed, will boost immunity. It will also have extracts of Tulsi leaves.

There will be no artificial flavours added to the sweet. He further said that the sweet will be available in the department's outlets in the city and neighbouring districts soon.

Speaking to news agency PTI, he said that the purpose of presenting the Sandesh in the market is to boost the immune system to fight the novel Coronavirus.

'Immunity booster Sandesh' not an antidote to coronavirus

However, he added, that it is not an antidote.

Sunderbans Affairs Minister Manturam Pakhira revealed the details of the ingredients used in making the ‘Arogya Sandesh’. He said that the honey will be collected from beehives in places such as Pirkhali, Jharkhali, and other parts of the Sunderbans storing scientifically.

The Sandesh sweet will hit the market in another two months official confirmed. The Animal Resources Development Department official added that the cost will be set within the common man's reach.

Earlier this month, Sudipta Mullick owner of a reputed sweetmeat chain of Kolkata came out with an "Immunity Sandesh" creating a new version of the famous Bengali sweets.

Makers claimed that they have injected immune-boosting properties in it that contains various herbs and spices such as Haldi (turmeric), tulsi, saffron, cardamom, and Himalayan honey, to fight novel coronavirus by boosting the immunity system.

The novel coronavirus in India has claimed the lives of 16,481 people and infected more than half a million.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma