New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: You must have heard a CCTV footage solving crime but are you aware that recently a murder mystery was solved with the help of a NASA satellite? Well, it's much more to the story than it seems like.

The incident is of April 5 which happened in Delhi's outer district Mangolpuri where a painter named Chandrabhan was murdered. Regarding the case, police arrested two accused named Pradeep and Raju from the local area who were the prime suspects. However, during the interrogation they denied committing any crime but later when police said that a NASA Satellite was monitoring them and captured the whole scene of them murdering the painter, out of fear, Pradeep and Raju confessed killing him. 

Yes, it's true! They told police that painter Chandrabhan used to abuse the two which got them irritated and they started a planning to kill them. As per DCP Parvinder Singh of Outer District, a dead body of a young adult was found lying at outer ring road which is adject to Mangolpuri B-block. Later after further investigation it was found out that the name of the deceased is Chandrabhan. 

An FIR was filed in the police station under the supervision of SHO Mukesh Kumar and ACP Virendra Kadayan. Post this, police continued their investigation and came across CCTV cameras installed on the spot. The footage revealed that painter Chandrabhan was on bike with Pradeep and Raju a night before the death 

When the police team examined the footage of CCTV cameras installed on the spot and around, Chandrabhan was seen walking on the bike with Pradeep and Raju on the night of April 4 which made police understand the whole situation.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal