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Delhi AIIMS doctors suffered multiple challenges while carrying a first-of-its-kind surgery where they removed a 20-cm long knife from a 28-year-old man’s liver. The patient was addicted to drugs and swallowed the knife after he could not get any marijuana.

The incident happened a month-and-a-half ago when the 28-year old man swallowed the whole knife and surprisingly, did not experience any health issues for long. Later, he experienced a loss of appetite and abdominal pain. After observing the symptoms, the doctor suggested an X-ray scan which revealed the dreadful situation. The patient was first taken to Sufdurjang hospital then referred to AIIMS, Delhi.

AIIMS doctors revealed that they observed such a case for the very first time where a person survived after swallowing such a sharp object. It took a 3-hour-long surgery to remove the knife, which was entirely stuck in the liver. The surgery was performed under the guidance of Dr N R Das from the Department of Gastroenterology.
AIIMS doctors said that the team was shocked after observing a whole knife into the man’s liver and the position in which it was stuck. Later, the man shared how it all happened. He swallowed the knife when he did not get marijuana. 

The treatment was carried out in several steps to ensure the safe removal of the knife. Initially, he was taken care of by the radiologist, so that the pus can be removed and to make sure that the liver does not infect other parts of the body.

Then the psychiatrist was appointed to strengthen the patient for being courageous and confident about his well being. To keep his body relaxed, multiple supplements were given.

Dr Dar said that the knife was near the bile duct and the main blood artery. So, the doctors were cautious about any kind of mistake. The team of doctors chose the intestinal route to reach the patient’s liver. After the successful surgery, the patient is now stable, said Dr Dar.

Posted By: Srishti Goel