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    Gujarat Election 2022: 'Not Jadeja vs Jadeja' In Jamnagar, Says Ravindra Jadeja's Sister

    On being asked about the family issues since Ravindra Jadeja's wife and sister are contesting election as rivals, Naina said that there are many families in Jamnagar who work in different parties.

    By Anushka Vats
    Thu, 01 Dec 2022 02:25 PM (IST)

    CONGRESS leader Naina Jadeja, sister-in-law of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Rivaba Jadeja and sister of Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja on Thursday said that it's not "Jadeja versus Jadeja" in Jamnagar.

    According to Naina, many families in Jamnagar have members working in different parties.

    While Rivaba, Ravindra Jadeja's wife is contesting the election as a BJP candidate, her sister-in-law Naina campaigned for Congress candidate.

    Naina urged people to cast their votes in favour of Congress to bring change in the state.

    She said, "After five years people have got this opportunity to change the government. BJP has only made false promises. They had spoken many things but had not succeeded in them. The education system has suffered and inflation is at a record high. People should understand that there is a need for a change of government because if they come to power, again and again, they will feel proud that they are the only one, who can run this country. But in reality, they are not doing anything. They did not even fulfil their promises to the people."

    Meanwhile, on being asked if it is Jadeja versus Jadeja in Jamnagar, she responded with a 'no'. "No it's not like this," she said.

    "This is not happening for the first time. Several families in Jamnagar have members working for different parties. Be satisfied with your ideology, give your 100 per cent and the better one will win," she added.

    Speaking about Rivaba she said that she is her rival since she is a BJP candidate but as a sister-in-law she is good.

    "My love for my brother stays the same. My sister-in-law is a BJP candidate as of now. As a sister-in-law she is good," said Naina Jadeja when asked about family issues because of supporting different parties.

    Rivaba also opened up on the same and said that there can be people with different ideologies in the same family.

    "There is no difficulty. There can be people of different ideologies in the same family. I have trust in the people of Jamnagar, we will focus on overall development, and this time as well BJP will win with a good margin," said the BJP candidate.

    Polling for the first phase of the Gujarat Assembly election began on December 1, 2022, and is underway amid tight security arrangements.

    A total of 2,39,76,670 voters who will cast their votes by 5 pm today will decide the fate of 788 candidates who are in the fray for the first phase.

    (With inputs from ANI)

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