New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Over 400 people got injured when several villagers from Pandhurna and Sawargaon in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh clashed and pelted stones at each other during the Gotmar fair on Tuesday. The fair was held on the banks of river Jaam. The clash in Gotmar left several people with major injuries.

People injured during the fair were provided with medical treatment on the spot while some were referred to the hospital. The fair was covered by drones and District Administration had deployed over 1,000 policemen and several doctors at the site of the fair.

Chief Medical Health Officer, Dr. GC Chourasia informed, " During the Gotmar fair on Tuesday, over 400 people sustained injuries. Two people with severe injuries have been referred to Nagpur in neighboring Maharashtra for further treatment."

District Collector Saurabh Kumar Suman said that the fair passed off peacefully and lesser people were injured when compared to the previous year." He further added he had appealed to people to organize this year's event in a symbolic way.

What is Gotmar Fair ?

The fair is a centuries-old tradition and one of the festivals which sheds blood. Village people from both sides of the river Jaam throw stones at each other. During the fair a flag is put on the top of a tree in the middle of the river and as per rules whichever side removes the flag first is declared the winner.

Why Gotmar fair is organized?

According to the local legend of the village, this fair is a 300-year-old tradition which is happening because a boy from Pandhurna eloped with a girl from Swargaon and people from the latter threw stones to stop him from crossing the river with her, while his village folk retaliated, in the same manner, to bring the couple home safely.

When Gotmar fair is organized?

The Gotmar fair is organized in the month of September every year as this tradition is 300-year old. The whole event happens at the bank of river Jaam and people chants and hail goddess Durga during the fair.

Posted By: Ashita Singh