New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Call it a rumour or fake news, but in today's era when digitalisation is apparently at its peak, you all can come across numerous viral videos or photos, which are fake or edited in reality but are served as a true incident or trustworthy information. When there was no social media or any platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others, the impact and reach of these fake news was limited, but in today's era of social media, any fake news, misinformation, fake video or morphed photo become viral in minutes and can reach thousands of people across the globe.

With an aim to debunking all these fake news and fake viral videos, the fact-checking team of Jagran New Media's Vishvas News reveals the truth behind these fake videos and morphed photographs daily which can help you in identifying the content which you can believe and send forward to other persons. Here are some of the top fake news, videos or photos which became viral in the last two days.

Fact Check: This video of lions, claimed to be from Gujarat, is of South Africa

A video of a pride of lions has gone viral on the internet. It is claimed that the video is from Gir forest in Gujarat, India. It is also claimed that the video was shot during Cyclone Tauktae, which had hit the coastal regions of Gujarat a few days back. However, when Vishvas News investigated the viral video, it was found out that the video is from Mala Mala Game Reserve in Mpumalanga province, South Africa. Click here to watch the viral video.

Fact Check: Viral post with Ratan Tata's statements is fake

A post is going viral on social media, which claimed that industrialist Ratan Tata has said he is ready to spend his entire fortune to make India a COVID-free nation. In the post, it is also written that everyone should salute the spirit of Ratan Tata. In the investigation, Vishvas News found that the viral statement in the post is not true.

Click here to see Ratan Tata's viral post

Ratan Tata, last year had announced to donate Rs 1,500 crore to fight coronavirus. Also, the Tata group has also announced support to the government in increasing the supply of medical oxygen across the country. However, Ratan Tata never made the statement that he was willing to spend his entire wealth to fight the coronavirus.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan