New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Call it a rumour or fake news, but in today's era when digitalisation is apparently at its peak, you all can come across numerous viral videos or photos, which are fake or edited in reality but are served as a true incident or trustworthy information. When there was no social media the impact and reach of this fake news was limited, but in today's era of the internet, any fake news, misinformation, fake video or morphed photo become viral in minutes and can reach thousands of people across the globe.

With an aim to debunking all these fake news and fake viral videos, the fact-checking team of Jagran New Media's Vishvas News reveals the truth behind these fake videos and morphed photographs daily which can help you in identifying the content which you can believe and send forward to other persons. Here are some of the top fake news of Tuesday:

Fact Check: Photo of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu edited with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Amid the ongoing violent clashes between Palestine and Israel, numerous claims related to it are becoming viral on social media. Meanwhile, a picture is being shared on social media, in which Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu can be seen in Israeli military uniform with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Sharing this picture, social media users are claiming that Facebook is supporting Israel. This claim has turned out to be false in the investigation of Vishvas News. In the real photo, which was taken in 2019, Netanyahu was accompanied by Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, the Israeli army chief, not Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Click here to read full news.

Fact Check: Old video of former PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi viral with false claims

A video of former PM Dr Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi is going viral on social media. Users are claiming that when Manmohan Singh was the PM in the UPA government, he was not respected and he was sidelined. In the Vishvas News investigation, the claim being made about the viral video has turned out to be false. This video is from 2017 and Dr Manmohan Singh was not PM then. In this video, then Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickramasinghe met former PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi during their visit to India. Click here to read full news.

Fact Check: Viral post claiming consumption of betel leaves (Paan) can prevent COVID-19 is fake

A newspaper clip is going viral, in which it has been claimed by Vaidya MR Sharma that the coronavirus can be avoided if paan is consumed. Vishvas News found in its investigation that the viral claim was fake. There is no scientific evidence to prevent the Covid 19 virus through the use of betel leaf. The viral claim is completely baseless. Click here

Fact Check: Pictures, claimed to be of Jain Temple found under a mosque, are fake

A 4-picture collage is going viral on social media, in which some people can be seen visiting an old building. Statues of Lord Mahavir can be seen prominently in the photographs. The post is claimed to contain photographs of Raichur in Karnataka, where this Jain temple has emerged under a mosque. The claim turned out to be wrong in the Vishvas News investigation. Actually, these are the pictures from the inside of the Gwalior Fort. Click here

Fact check: Post claiming Rajasthan government is offering Rs 4 lakh corona compensation is fake

A message in social media is becoming increasingly viral. It is claimed that the family of those who died due to corona in Rajasthan will get Rs 4 lakh from the government. The post has gone viral with the hashtag #rajasthan. This post proved to be fake in the investigation of Vishvas news. Our investigation revealed that no such form has been issued by the Rajasthan government. Click here to read the full news.

Fact Check: Old picture of West Bengal is going viral in the name of Assam

A picture is going viral on social media, in which vegetables are seen scattered on the road and a young man is seen collecting them. It is claimed that the Assam Police is hurting the general public in the name of curfew. Vishvas News found in the investigation that the claim made with the viral post is misleading. Actually, the viral picture was taken in May 2020 in West Bengal. This picture has nothing to do with Assam. Read full news here.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan