New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: In a surprising move, a BJP legislator from Madhya Pradesh, Narayan Tripathi, has again fallen out of step with his party, to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and said that the CAA “has vitiated the social atmosphere and led to a civil war-like situation in the country".

"I am opposing the CAA on the call of my conscience. This is ending mutual trust and brotherhood. People are looking at each other with suspicion. We will put our point on the party forum. This is my personal view. The CAA could be right for vote politics, but not for the country," he said as reported by news agency ANI.

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He also said that the country should not be divided in the name of religion as it is against the spirit of the constitution.

"The country should not be divided in the name of religion. Either follow the Constitution or tear it off and throw it away. I come from the village and even today it is not easy to get the Aadhaar cards in the villages. Where will they get the rest of the papers from? I am speaking through my heart. If we wish to take the nation forward, the CAA should not be implemented," he said.

"People have stopped looking at each other. Muslims live in my in village and used to wish us every time they saw us but these days they do not even like to see us. Peace is not possible in such circumstances”, he said.

“We talk of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam and if we divide people on the basis of religion, then this country will not be able to run. When getting an Aadhar card made is difficult for people in rural areas and the poor in urban areas where will the people get all the documents to prove their citizenship," he added.

His comments came on the day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the new legislation and advocated the benefits of CAA and said that the citizenship law was brought to "correct a historical injustice and fulfil a promise to minorities in the neighbouring countries" while addressing an NCC rally in New Delhi.

Tripath also clarified that he is not willing to join any other party or leave the BJP and said, "I am not willing to join the Congress, neither (am I) leaving the BJP. The CAA was enacted only for vote-bank, which is benefiting the BJP. This is not going to benefit the country," he said.

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Tripathi has mostly been in the news for anti-party activities. In July 2019, he had voted against the BJP over a bill and admitted his support for Chief Minister Kamal Nath. He later returned to the party. Now his tone has changed again and could cause trouble for the party. Tripathi, a Congress MLA before joining the BJP in 2014, is also named in the police charge sheet in the honey trap case. 


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Posted By: Talib Khan