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UP police on Monday dismissed media reports suggesting that they have arrested a goat for not wearing a mask. Speaking with Jagran English, Anwarganj DSP said, this is a false claim, police haven’t arrested any goat. He further added that it's not possible to capture and lock a goat at the police station. He further explained that social media users are running a false story over the incident, as it is plain and simple that animals are not supposed to wear masks.

Earlier, multiple media reports suggesting that the police 'arrested' a goat that was roaming in Kanpur's Beconganj area 'without wearing a mask'. Later, when the owner realized that the police had taken his goat he rushed to the Anwarganj Police station. He reached the police station to ask them to release the animal. Later, the goat was released with the condition that he not allow the goat to roam on the road.


In the last few months, many reports came where the police were suggesting the owners to buy masks for their pets too. On July 1, 2020, reports came that the 47 goats were quarantined in the village of Karnataka (Tamakuru District) as they tested positive for coronavirus.

After seeking the surge in covid-19 cases every day in India, the authorities have made sure that the people will maintain social distancing and wear masks on a compulsory basis. At least, until the vaccine comes, these two precautions are mandatory to be taken.

Posted By: Srishti Goel