New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Since April this year, the Delhi-NCR has witnessed around 14 earthquakes, all mild or low-intensity tremors. The continuous occurrence of earthquakes in the region over the past two months has caused panic among the residents and researchers who fear that it is a prelude to a big temblor.

Professor Chandan Ghosh, civil engineering department, IIT Jammu told that the frequent earthquakes are occurring in the region because Delhi is close to the Himalayas, which was formed by mixing of tectonic plates such as India and Eurasia. He said that Delhi-NCR is more prone to earthquake and there are fault lines near the national capital due to which the possibility of a major earthquake cannot be ruled out.

However, some experts even say that “there is nothing unusual in this seismic activity” as the Delhi-NCR region has “several faultlines like the Mahendragarh-Dehradun faultline”.

C P Rajendran, professor of Geodynamics at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru, told news agency PTI that there is a very little possibility of having a major earthquake in the Delhi-NCR, a region with very high population density.

“Earthquakes are not new to the Delhi-NCR because of its several faultlines. If one observes the earthquake pattern since last two and half months, the highest magnitude was 4.5 recorded on May 29 (Rohtak). Since then it has reduced,” he said.

Here’s the complete timeline of the earthquakes that occurred in Delhi since April 14:

8 June - 21 Richter Scale - Delhi

3 June - 3.2 Richter Scale - Faridabad

1 June - 3 Richter Scale - Rohtak

1 June - 1.8 Richter Scale - Rohtak

29 May - 2.9 Richter Scale - Rohtak

29 May - 4.5 Richter Scale - Rohtak

22 May – 2.2 Richter Scale - Pitampura

15 May - 2.2 Richter Scale - New Delhi

10 May - 3.4 Richter Scale - Delhi

06 May - 2.3 Richter Scale - Faridabad

03 May - 3.0 Richter Scale - Delhi

16 April - 2.0 Richter Scale - Delhi

13 April - 2.7 Richter Scale - Delhi

12 April - 3.5 Richter Scale – Delhi

Several experts have also raised concerns over whether buildings in the Delhi-NCR would be able to withstand a high magnitude earthquake or not. Several experts, including Professor Ghosh, suggest that building in the region won’t be able to withstand a strong earthquake because of the poor construction material used.

“There is a strong need to prepare the community for earthquake disaster. Earthquakes don't kill, it is the buildings that do. Thus, awareness on earthquake resistant design and earthquake preparedness is important to the community at large and it is critical to prepare the community for an eventuality,” said IIT Guwahati Director T G Sitharam, who is also the president of the Indian Society of Earthquake technology.  

The experts have also said that a proper disaster management plan should be prepared in advance because earthquakes cannot be predicted, adding that there is a need to have proper structures that can withstand tremors.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma