Breaking News, Latest Updates, Highlights Of January 24

Subhasish Dutta
Tue, 24 Jan 2023 06:48 PM IST
Breaking News, Latest Updates, Highlights Of January 24

Delhi MCD Mayor Election Voting Today Live News Updates: Nearly a month after a ruckus by both BJP and AAP councillors led to the postponement of the Delhi Mayoral Elections, the municipal House will reconvene on Tuesday during which the mayor and deputy mayor of Delhi are slated to be elected. Following the mayoral poll, Delhi will get a mayor for the city as a whole after a gap of 10 years. As per the schedule shared by the MCD, House proceedings will begin at 11 am. The maiden meeting of the newly elected 250-member MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) House on January 6 was adjourned without electing the mayor and the deputy mayor amid loud protests by AAP councillors over the presiding officer's decision to administer the oath to the 10 aldermen first.

24 January 2023
  • 03:26 PM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Elections 2023

    We were sitting in the House to vote since 11 am & when finally the time came, a ruckus began in the House. This is wrong, democratic principles must be followed: Meenakashi Lekhi, Union Minister

  • 03:25 PM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Elections Live Updates

    A ruckus ensued at Civic Centre, MCD Headquarters soon after voting for Delhi Mayor began. The election is postponed as the House was adjourned sine die due to ruckus.

  • 03:10 PM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Elections Live Updates

    Election for Delhi Mayor postponed as the House gets adjourned sine die following a ruckus inside.


  • 02:18 PM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Polls Live Updates

    Congress has again reiterated its stand and said that the party's nine councillors will not participate in voting process to elect the new mayor of Delhi MCD.  

  • 01:58 PM

    Othat taking ceremony underway

    The Lt Governor-nominated members took oath first despite opposition from AAP councillors as the municipal House in Delhi reconvened on Tuesday amid heavy deployment of civil defence volunteers personnel and marshals.

  • 12:58 PM

    Sloganeering continues at Civic Centre

    The new 250-member MCD House reconvened on Tuesday with members nominated by the Lt Governor taking oath before the elected representatives amid cries of "shame shame" from AAP councillors.

  • 12:53 PM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Elections Live Updates

    The voters for the election of the mayor are 250 councillors, seven Lok Sabha and three Rajya Sabha MPs from Delhi and 14 MLAs nominated by the Legislative Assembly. The Delhi Assembly Speaker has nominated one BJP MLA and 13 AAP MLAs to the MCD. 

  • 12:35 PM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Election Live Updates

    The post of mayor in the national capital sees five single-year terms on a rotation basis, with the first year being reserved for women, second for open category, third for reserved category, and the remaining two again for the open category. Delhi will thus get a woman mayor this year.

  • 12:35 PM

    Delhi Mayor Polls Live Updates

    Besides the mayor and the deputy mayor, six members of the MCD's standing committee are also slated to be elected during the municipal House.

  • 11:29 AM

    Delhi Mayor Polls Live Updates

    Heavy Security deployed inside Civic Centre, MCD Headquarters ahead of the elections to the coveted posts of Mayor, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Six members of the Standing Committee from the House.


  • 10:42 AM

    Delhi Mayor Polls LIVE: AAP fields Shelly Oberoi, BJP bets on Rekha Gupta

    Shelly Oberoi and Ashu Thakur are the AAP's contenders for the post of mayor. The BJP has nominated Rekha Gupta. The nominees for the post of deputy mayor are Aaley Mohammad Iqbal and Jalaj Kumar (AAP) and Kamal Bagri (BJP).

  • 10:41 AM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Polls LIVE Updates

    The AAP had emerged as a clear winner in the polls, bagging 134 wards and ending the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) 15-year rule in the civic body. The BJP won 104 wards to finish second while the Congress won nine seats.

  • 10:40 AM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Polls: Elected councillors to take oath today

    The agenda for the January 24 meeting mentioned that councillors and members nominated as per the DMC Act, 1957 (amended in 2022) will take the oath. However, it does not specify the sequence of oath-taking. The civic polls were held on December 4 and the counting of votes took place on December 7.

  • 10:39 AM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Polls: Who are Aldermen?

    The term "aldermen" traces its origin to Old English "ealdroman." According to Marriam-Webster, it refers to specialised experts in some areas. It was used for a person governing a kingdom, district, or shire as a ruler for an Anglo-Saxon king.

    Read More Here: Who Are 'Aldermen' And Why AAP, BJP Are At War Over The Appointment?

  • 10:37 AM

    Aldermen to take oath first, says Presiding officer

    Presiding officer Satya Sharma said on Monday that the Lt Governor-appointed aldermen will take oath first, despite the fierce opposition by the AAP in the last meeting.

  • 10:36 AM

    Delhi MCD Mayor Polls LIVE

    The elections to the coveted posts of Mayor, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Six members of the Standing Committee from the House will be done today.

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