New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: A new fraud has come to the fore in New Delhi, where a man, instead of dropping the cheque in the dropbox placed inside the bank, secretly took out many cheques which were previously dropped by other customers. The matter was highlighted when a man complained to the bank that the money he sent through a cheque did not reach the mentioned and the amount was deducted from his account.

When the bank officials investigated the matter, it all came to light that someone is stealing the cheques from the dropbox. Now the Harinagar police are investigating the case on the complaint of the bank management. The cops are searching for the person who took out the cheques from the dropbox.

On January 11, a complaint was registered in the case by bank management. The bank manager told the police that on December 7, a man complained that he had dropped a cheque in the dropbox, in the name of an institution, on November 11. But instead of going to the institution's account, the cheque was deposited in the account of a woman named Sunita.

The bank management, taking the matter seriously, began to search the footage of CCTV cameras installed around the dropbox. While tracing the footage, it was found that on November 12, a man was seen near the dropbox, who, with the help of a tool, extracted some cheques from inside the dropbox.

After some time that person is also seen coming out from there. Footage has also been made available to the policemen by the bank management. Now the police are looking for the accused with the help of technical investigation. Police have said that the accused will be identified and nabbed soon.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan