New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: As the vaccination drive is underway in India, hospitals are facing with shortage of COVID-19 vaccine. Currently, two vaccines are being used to inoculate in the country, namely, Oxford-Astrazeneca's Covishield and Bharat Biotech's Covaxin and they are not enough for this huge population country. So the Drugs Controller General of India (DGCI) has decided to ease down the clauses that required repeat trials of vaccines and give way to globally approved vaccines in India.

Here have a look at the COVID-19 vaccines that are coming to India soon:

1. Sputnik V

Developed and manufactured in Russia, the vaccine was first approved to use in the Soviet nation in August 2020. In February 2021, Sputnik V was given the green light for use in India, under emergency approval by medical authorities. In the first week of May 2021, the first dose of the vaccine arrived, while the jab is expected to roll out by the third week of June. Dr Reddy will ramp up the production of the vaccine.

2. Pfizer-BionTech

mRNA vaccine is an efficacious and highly talked about vaccine developed by Pfizer-BionTech. The vaccine is soon going to enter the Indian market soon. The company has offered to supply 5 crore doses to India after the strategic deal is signed. The vaccine might arrive in the country between July and October. The company is also in talks to sign an 'indemnity clause' which will free the vaccine maker of the liability of side effects and adverse reactions.

Currently, mRNA has been approved in leading countries such as Japan, United Kingdoms, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Israel, Canada and Brazil. The vaccine is considered highly effective and delivered as a two-dose regime, spaced between 21 to 28 days.

Not just this, the mRNA vaccine has been approved for children aged between 12-18 in selected countries. With this, it can also give way for kid's vaccination in India.

3. Moderna

Moderna's mRNA vaccine is like Pfizer, which is currently administered in selected countries. As per reports, the vaccine maker is expected to seek fast track approvals in India, and Cipla might get into a strategic partnership with Moderna Therapeutics.

Moderna's mRNA is said to be 94 per cent effective against COVID-19. Also, as per reports, the vaccine would be able to prevent asymptomatic transmission.

4. Novavax

This vaccine will be manufactured by the Serum Institue of India (SII), which is spearheading Covishield manufacturing. The US-based Novavax vaccine will be sold under the name of Covovax in India. The trials of the vaccine started in November 2020 in India, while it is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

Notably, Novavax has yet not been approved for use in any other country across the globe. However, the company has submitted the review data to leading medical boards globally.

According to early clinical trials, Novavax turned out 94.6 per cent effective. The protein technology used to make the vaccine is considered to be safe and effective.

5. Johnson and Johnson

A single-shot vaccine, the Janssen coronavirus vaccine is being produced by US-based Johnson and Johnson. In the following months, the vaccine is expected to be cleared for use in India. Apart from Sputnik Light, Janssen is the first single-shot vaccine developed so far. After the clinical trials, Janssen was given an emergency allowance to be used in the US. Most recently, the vaccine got allowance to be used in the UK.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv