New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Have you ever wondered why do we take the Covid-19 vaccine shot in our arms and not in our foot? This may appear to be a weird question but there's a scientific explanation to it. The COVID-19 vaccine, just like most vaccines that are injected in the muscle, is given in the arm muscle located at the top of the shoulder, called 'Deltoid'.

Here are the top 3 reasons why we take the vaccine in the arm and not anywhere else:

1. Immune cells are present in muscles

Muscles are an excellent vaccine administration site because muscle tissue contains vital immune cells that recognize the antigen, i.e., the virus or bacteria introduced in the body via the vaccine. The immune cells in the muscle tissue pick up these antigens and present them to the lymph nodes, which contain more immune cells. They recognise the antigens in vaccines and start the immunization process.

2. Muscles help keep the action localized

Muscle tissue also helps to keep the vaccine reactions localized which means it doesn't let it spread. When a vaccine is injected into the deltoid muscle, chances of soreness or inflammation at the injection site are possible. Thus, vaccines that use components that enhance the immune response to the antigen must be given to a muscle to avoid the spread of irritation or inflammation.

3. It is more convenient

Taking the vaccine in the lower part of the body at a mass vaccination clinic with hundreds of other people present can be very embarrassing for some people. Thus, rolling up the sleeve is a much easy and comfortable option. Plus, it saves time too and helps the authorities in vaccinating more and more people.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha