New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The increased fatality rate among the Covid-19 infected people below the age of 50 in the month of April and May this year, has become a grave cause of concern for the medical fraternity across the country. India has recorded a growing proportion of Covid deaths among younger people as compared to the last year. This trend is not just limited to states where Coronavirus is wreaking havoc. Even in other states the effect of this deadly virus is spreading slowly and taking the lives of people.

Recently the data released by Tamil Nadu’s directorate of public health showed that more young and healthy people without comorbid conditions below the age of 40 are also dying now. Experts say there are majorly three reasons behind this rise in COVID deaths amongst the younger lot. Here’s all you need to know about them:

Happy Hypoxia

Happy Hypoxia is the first reason which is leading to more Covid related deaths in young people. This is because the young people feel uneasy after the oxygen saturation level is very low and the hospitalization is delayed. It complicates the treatment and narrows the chances of survival. All 47 Hypoxia patients in the Paras hospital of Patna are reported to be between the 30-35 age group.

High mobility but low immunity due to vaccine shortage

The second reason for these deaths is that those below the age of 45 are the most mobile and not vaccinated. Deaths among young adults according to Dr Jayant Panda, Odisha’s technical adviser on Covid, is happening because of their high mobility but low immunity as they are not vaccinated fully

New Variants of Covid-19

The third reason for this situation is that the new variants of the Covid-19 are swift and more deadly than the previous ones. For this reason, even children are getting infected by the virus in the Second wave of Coronavirus. Various medical bodies have already raised health alarms to warn people against the new variants affecting young people and kids.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan