New Delhi| Jagran News Desk: COVID-19 situation is getting worse really quick as cases are surging with every passing of the day. There is a rise not just in the active cases but also in the number of fatalities. Every day over 2000 deaths are being reported in India. Reportedly, most of the deaths are being reported due to low oxygen in the patient. As the country is reeling from a shortage of oxygen, there are several reports doing rounds that if people are not able to find oxygen cylinder then, they can opt for Oxygen Concentrators. However, not many know the difference between the two, so here we are with some necessary details that everyone must know:

Medical Oxygen

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the lungs of patients making them gasp for breath. So to save the lives of patients, medical oxygen is used, which is 'high-purity oxygen' used for medical treatment such as, life support system, during anaesthesia, etc. The process to make medical oxygen takes place in the plant, where the air is cooled, and oxygen is distilled.

Oxygen Concentrator

Air is filled with various gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. So to separate oxygen from these gases Oxygen Concentrator comes into being, it is a medical device that supplies pure oxygen. As per the WHO report published in 2015, this device was developed to help patients admitted to hospital with respiratory illness. Oxygen Concentrator produces oxygen for 24 hours, seven days a week, for up to five years or more. Also, they can supply five to ten litres of oxygen per minute. Unlike the oxygen cylinder, this device doesn't need to get refiled, is portable and can run with the help of an inverter. However, they are quite expensive, compared to oxygen cylinders.

Difference between Oxygen Cylinder & Oxygen Concentrator

- Oxygen cylinder has a finite amount of medical oxygen in the tank, while the concentrator has an infinite amount of oxygen as it is a device that produces oxygen.

- Oxygen cylinder is low in cost, while the concentrator is quite expensive

- Oxygen cylinder's tend to leak if not paid adequate attention while the concentrator creates oxygen as per the need.

- Oxygen cylinder is not portable and is quite heavy to carry, while the concentrator is light and portable.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv