New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Amid the spike of COVID-19 cases, it has become really important to keep oneself safe from this double mutant variant which is more deadly than the first one. World Health Organisation (WHO) and CDC are every now and then, issuing an advisory on preventive measures. In the recent one, CDC has validated double masking to protect oneself from coronavirus. As per experts, double masking can help reduce the exposure than a single mask alone and is said to be 95 to 95 per cent effective.

How Double Masking can help prevent COVID-19

As per experts, a double mask creates a tougher barrier in spreading the virus and can filter more particles than a single cloth mask. It is beneficial in keeping the face covered when you are out in crowded places such as public transport, markets or even hospitals. However, not many know the right way to pair two masks, so read on and mask upright.

How to wear Double Mask?

Double masking is beneficial only if we wear it in the right manner without suffocating ourselves. As per experts, a double mask will only help if we pair a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask, it will keep you away from the deadly virus and will not reduce the oxygen supply. As per studies done by CDC, two ways of wearing a double mask was observed.

1. Unknotted Mask:

If you wear an unknotted surgical mask under the cloth mask, it will only offer up to 56.6 per cent of protection.

2. Knotted Mask:

knotting the ear loops of the surgical mask under the cloth mask will offer 85.4 per cent prevention.

Step-wise guide to wear a knotted mask

1. Tie the ear loops of the surgical mask close to the edges of the mask.

2. Tuck in the side pleats to minimise gaps

3. Know wear a cloth mask over it

Please Note: People using N95 can avoid the above steps as this mask is a gold standard one and can seal the face. It is 95 per cent effective, so there is no need to wear double masks.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv