New Delhi| Jagran News Desk: On Sunday, India's drug regulator approved two COVID-19 vaccines and as soon as this was announced people arose with questions and concerns regarding the availability of the vaccines. Recently, addressing the queries, health ministry shared a three-part video on social media.

1. When is COVID-19 vaccine arriving?

The COVID-19 vaccine is arriving soon in India as the vaccines are on the different stages on finalisation. Once the regulatory board gives nod to the government, they will launch the vaccines.

2. Will everyone will be able to receive the vaccine?

Addressing this question, he said that this wholly depends on the availability of the vaccine. The government has set the priority list and according to it the first one to receive the vaccine shot will be frontline healthcare workers followed by the people above the age of 50 along with those under 50 with the co-occurring condition.

3. Is it mandatory for everyone?

To protect ourselves from the deadly virus, everyone is advised to take the complete schedule of the vaccine. However, since the availability of the vaccine is based on priority lest so currently taking vaccine shots is voluntary.

4. How many doses of the vaccine?

It is advised to take two doses of vaccine at the gap of 28 days.

5. When will antibodies develop?

Two weeks after the second dose the protecting antibodies will develop in the body.

6. What are the side-effects of the vaccine?

After taking the vaccine people may experience some side-effects such as fever and body aches. Well, these are common while taking any vaccine.

7. Will I get a vaccine without registration?

It is mandatory to register yourself to avail the vaccine. The government has announced an app named Co-Win for the real-time monitoring of vaccines.

8. Documents required for registration?

To register for the vaccine one has to get an identity proof

  • Driving license
  • Health insurance smart card issued under the scheme of labour ministry, MGNERGA
  • Pan card
  • Official ID cards issued by MPs/MLAs/MLCs
  • Passbook issued by bank/post office.
  • Passport
  • Pension document 
  • Service Id card issued to employees by central / state government. 
  • Voter ID
  • Government / private company ID

9. What if I don't have photo Id?

Photo Id is very important for the registration and verification process.

10. How will the beneficiary get informed about the next dosage?

The beneficiary will receive the SMS on their registered mobile number on the due time, date and place.

11. COVID-19 recovered person has to receive the vaccine?

Yes, it is advised that even the person has recovered should receive the vaccine shot as it will improve their immune system.

12. What precautions are needed after receiving the vaccine dosage?

After receiving the vaccine, it is mandatory to rest for at least half an hour. In case a person feels any discomfort then they are advised to inform the authorities.

13. Person taking medicine for an illness like cancer, diabetes, eligible for COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes, they must take the vaccine because they are at high risk.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv