New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed its terror in the country affecting our lives in different ways. From being forced to stay indoors, to losing jobs, to incurring several comorbidities like black fungus or hypoxia Coronavirus has definitely shown us some worst times.

With close to 2.9 lakh Indians succumbing to the deadly virus till now, it doesn’t seem to provide any respite to us as yet. The second wave of the COVID-19 has proven to be even more fatal with several new strains of the virus and many after-effects.

Out of all the months in the second wave of Covid in India, the month of May has proven to be the most deadly. Here are the reasons you must know why May is the deadliest month we have seen since the pandemic started last year. Take a look at the facts and figures which will prove why May is the deadliest month we are witnessing:

1. Covid-19 Cases reported in just 21 days of May have crossed 70 lakh going past the previous record of 69.4 lakh cases that were reported in April 2021.

2. In the 21 days of May, 71.3 lakh cases have already been recorded with daily deaths remaining above 4,000 on most days of the month.

3. The total cases this month has accounted for over 27 per cent of the total 2.62 crore infections recorded in the country since last year.

4. The death toll due to the disease rose to 2,95,525 with 4,194 fresh fatalities on May 21. On May 19, the country recorded its highest jump in the daily fatalities as 4,529 people succumbed to the virus.

5. So far, 83,135 fatalities have been recorded in May alone. The deaths in May are already 28 per cent of the total death toll of 2.95 lakh recorded since last year. Whereas in April, the death toll was at 48,768.

6. Nearly 4,000 fatalities have been reported on each day of May so far, although this data includes some old deaths, particularly in Maharashtra, as part of a data reconciliation process.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan