New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: A rare astronomical event may appear in the sky on Wednesday night. This is because, Comet SWAN's closest approach to the Sun, called perihelion, will happen on this day. As per reports, the sky will change its colour to green once it enters the Earth's orbit. Whether this will really happen or not, we will have to wait to see. The phenomena can be directly seen from earth without the aid of a telescope.

According to information on NASA's official Twitter handle NASA Sun & Space and NASA Asteroid Watch, it will be very close to the Earth's surface on May 27, 2020. The comet can also be seen directly from the earth. Comet sighting is a rare occurrence that occurs in many years.

Also known as SWAN, this comet will be carrying miles of dust, stone pieces, gas, ice, particles of space debris, etc. These particles glow when exposed to sunlight. Although comets are not as lethal or harmful as asteroids, the effect that can occur after it enters the Earth's atmosphere cannot be said in advance.

Usually, small-sized comets enter the Earth's orbit and burn themselves in the sky, and this incident is visible to us in the sky as a scene of a star falling apart. As per reports, the colour of the sky in some parts of the world may turn green, which will be a thrilling experience.

What are comets?

Comets are stars found in the solar system, which are basically small pieces made of stone, dust, ice and gas. They revolve around the Sun in the Solar System. Short-comets complete the orbit of the Sun in an elliptical path once in about 6 to 200 years. The path of some comet are annular and appears only once in its lifetime. Comets with long paths often take thousands of years to complete its orbit. 

Posted By: James Kuanal