New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: In a horrific incident caught on camera, a reptile expert had a narrow escape from being beaten by a Cobra snake while trying to catch the reptile. News agency ANI posted the horrifying video and reported that the incident happened in Karnataka's Shivamogga. 

The 37-second video shows the reptile expert trying to catch the roddent-eating reptile from waters while standing on a fallen tree. He is being assisted by another man as he tries to get hold of the snake with his equipment. 

As his assistant gets hold of the tail, the snake tries to bite the expert on his leg. In an attempt to save himself, the man throws the snake away while he himself falls from the fallen tree. The snake hits back on the reptile expert and tries to bite him again before being overpowered by the two men.

They, however, manage to get hold of the snake in the end.   

Cobra is extremely poisonous and a bite on human body would first cause pain and then local welling. However, if left unattended without medical care, it can also prove lethal. 

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta