Canada Zoo Will Let You Name A Cockroach After Anyone Bugging You On Valentine's Day

The Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy will allow you to name a cockroach after anyone who is bugging you with a minimum donation of USD 25.

Canada Zoo Will Let You Name A Cockroach After Anyone Bugging You On Valentine's Day

WE ALL have someone annoying in our lives. Whether it's some nosy neighbour aunty or your irritating boss, or some ex you hate so much, now you have a chance of expressing your feelings in a quite unique way.

With Valentine's Day almost knocking on the door, a Canadian zoo has taken an initiative that allows anyone an opportunity to name a cockroach in someone's honour.

Taking to Twitter, Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy wrote, "Roses are red; violets are blue… Is there someone in your life that’s bugging you? Give them goosebumps by naming a cockroach in their honour this Valentine's Day."

The zoo also attached the details of the process in the tweet. The option will be available to anyone by making a minimum donation of USD 25 (Rs 1,507).

"To name a cockroach after someone, please select 'Dedicate your donation' and select 'In honour of'. This will prompt you to provide a name. You will have the option to send an e-card or the option to notify the individual on your own."

Anyone who will name a cockroach will get:

- A digital certificate personalized with your name and roach name (first names only)

- Shareable digital graphic

- Full charitable tax receipt for the donor

The Toronto Zoo, in the official statement also said," The Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy respect all creatures – big and small. Cockroaches play a very integral ecological role in their rainforest homes by helping to decompose forest litter and animal fecal matter and are, in turn, food for many other animals. Despite their hair-raising reputation, cockroaches undeniably play a vital role in the sustainability of plant and animal habitats."

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