New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Alerting people to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene, the Government of India’s Principal Scientific adviser K Vijay Raghavan’s office released a set of “easy to follow” guidelines to contain the spread of Covid-19. The guidelines released point out that the aerosols, one of the key modes of Covid transmission can travel in the air up to 10 meters and thus maintaining social distance becomes crucially significant.

“Aerosols and droplets are key transmission mode of Covid-19 virus, and while droplets fall within 2 meters of an infected person, aerosols can travel up to 10 metres,” the advisory document, titled, ‘Stop the Transmission, Crush the pandemic’ says.

Prevent surface transmission:

The advisory recommends frequent cleaning of surfaces such as door handles, light switches, tables and chairs with disinfectants such as phenyl and bleach. These surfaces are usually the landing grounds for large-sized droplets which may carry the Covid-19 virus.

Running ACs trap infected air:

The advisory while highlighting the importance of well-ventilated places to stop the transmission of virus urges the people isolating to avoid running ACs in unventilated closed spaces. “Running ACs while keeping windows and doors shut, traps infected air inside the room, and increases the risk of transmission from an infected carrier to others,” it says, while adding that people should wear a double layer mask or an N95 mask for protection.

Ventilation a community defence:

Calling Ventilation a ‘community defence’, the advisory recommends the use of a gable fan system and roof ventilation in offices, shopping malls and other closed public spaces.

How did ventilation emerge as an evident defence against Covid?

The evidence that properly ventilated spaces prevent community spread has been largely circumstantial. According to a report in Science magazine The Wired, the administrators at the University of Hong Kong allocated special budgets in mid-2020 for improved air filtration inside classrooms and transport buses to contain the community spread of Covid-19. The results surprised many. Of 30,000 students who attended the University, only 23 reportedly caught Covid-19 infection.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan