New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Have you been wishing Corona to go away? Well, you are not alone! The people of Tamil Nadu wish the same as they have built an idol named ‘Corona Devi’ to seek protection from the deadly virus.

The 1.5 feet tall idol has been placed in a temple situated at the outskirts of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. This temple has been built by a mutt called Kamatchipuri Adheenam. It is inspired by the Plague Mariamman Temple, which was dedicated to the deity Amman to seek her protection when a plague wreaked havoc about 150 years ago.

News agency ANI posted pictures of priests praying in this temple drawing different responses from people. Take a look:

Amidst the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic daily prayers are held in this temple to seek the blessing of the ‘Corona Devi’ to save people dying from the Coronavirus. These prayers are being held for 48 days according to sources in the Adheenam.

"We are continuously praying to 'Corona Devi' to show mercy on us and help us get rid of this virus," said the temple priest.

This is not the first time that a temple like this has come up. Ages ago, an idol of Mariamman was also installed when a plague spread across Coimbatore killing thousands of people. The place has now been turned into a temple which today is known as the "Plague Mariamman Temple" in Tamil Nadu.

Currently, only priests and mutt officials are allowed to go inside the Corona Devi temple due to the pandemic spread in the country. Covid-19 protocols like social distancing is being observed in the temple. The public is strictly prohibited from entering the temple according to mutt officials. A Mahayagam or special yajna is said to be organized in the temple on the last day of the prayers.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta