Cute Kids Raincoat to keep them dry during the rainy season

On rainy days, raincoats are a common form of protection. You will be able to extend your children's playtime without having to worry about unexpected rain showers if you choose the right raincoat for kids. You should choose the right raincoat for your kids to ensure that they do not get wet.

By Sneha Singh
Thu, 04 Aug 2022 06:05 PM IST
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Cute Kids Raincoat to keep them dry during the rainy season

Raincoats for kids are frequently made of water-resistant fabric, allowing them to be worn on rainy days without getting wet. Water will simply pass through the product, not penetrate it. It is occasionally combined with rain pants to form a complete rain suit. You can keep your children healthy by simply avoiding heavy showers and avoiding them to catch any infections and flu. 

For kids' rainwear, you should always choose bright colors with beautiful cartoon designs or attractive graphics. Raincoats are a lifesaver while going to school or going to play. They are more convenient than umbrellas and are much easier to manage.

Check out Jagran Top Deal for kids raincoat:

BRATS N BEAUTY® Unisex Kids Cartoon Printed Raincoat with School Bag

kids raincoat

This printed raincoat is made from a PVC material with Button Closure to protect your kid from the rain. This gives complete protection from rain keeping your school bag dry. This raincoat features a hooded cap to keep your kid's hair dry so that they don't catch cough and cold. You have the color options too and can choose as per your kid's favorite color. Kids raincoat price: Rs 575

HALLUCINATION Raincoat for Kids Unisex

kids raincoat

This super-soft, strong, and durable raincoat from HALLUCINATION is 100% waterproof. You do not have to worry about the stains as it gets wiped off easily. To enjoy the rain there is a wide transparent brim on the cap. Kids raincoat price: Rs 799

AROW Unisex Solid Double Color Raincoat

kids raincoat

AROW Raincoat makes sure your child's clothes stay dry if they are outside for an extended period of time. Your kid can wear this while going to school keeping their books safe as it has school bag protection. Made from high-quality materials, ensuring that the raincoat is completely waterproof, durable, and tear-resistant. A fantastic combination of style and design is available in various colors. Kids raincoat price: Rs 699

Zeki Kids Boy's and Girl's PVC Printed Design Raincoat

kids raincoat

 Kids love and admire superheroes. Zeki Kids raincoat has many superheroes printed which your kid will love flaunting to their friends. Besides, being stylish gives complete protection from the rain. Kids can enjoy playing in the rain without the fear of getting sick. Made from  PVC material with button closure this raincoat gives a relaxed fit. Kids raincoat price: Rs 499 

Krystle Kids Boy's and Girls Printed Raincoat with Hood (Pink)

kids raincoat

The cute strawberry print raincoat from Krystle comes with multiple features to keep your kids comfortable and dry. The loose fit ensures that the raincoat can be worn easily without any discomfort. Your kid will be very happy donning this beautiful raincoat while going to school. The price may vary depending on the size. Kids raincoat price: Rs 599 

Guide to choosing the best kids raincoat:

Material: This is the most important factor to consider when choosing kids' raincoats. Always ensure that the raincoat you are purchasing is completely waterproof. Choose a raincoat fabric that is both light and breathable. Such fabric is easier to pack in and carry around.

Fit: Make sure the raincoat is not too big or too small for you. Make sure your kid can wear 1-2 layers underneath your raincoat. Check to see if the raincoat's shoulder width is comfortable for the body.

Length: Choose raincoats that are full length or at least below the knee to keep kids' bodies completely dry even during the heaviest downpours. The sleeve length must be ideal. A longer sleeve that covers the wrist can be uncomfortable, and a shorter sleeve that rides up the arm will not provide complete rain protection.

Design Details: Always go for a cartoon or graphics-based raincoat with a hood or some pockets. They not only make your kid look smarter, but they also make the raincoat more functional. A good hood will keep hair dry, and pockets are useful for storing items.

Benefits of kids' raincoats:

  • 100% waterproof 

  • Illnesses are less likely to develop.

  • The kids will have a good time.

  • Lightweight and easily stored in a bag

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