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Will Pete Davidson Date A 'Normal Woman' Post Split With Kim Kardashian? All You Need To Know

Comedian Pete Davidson's friend Johnny Potenza believes that he should date a "normal woman" after split with Kim Kardashian.

Will Pete Davidson Date A 'Normal Woman' Post Split With Kim Kardashian? All You Need To Know

Popular comedian Pete Davidson recently dominated the headlines after he was linked to actor-model Emily Ratajkowsky as there were rumours that he had been dating the latter. Davidson is once again in news after his friend Johnny Potenza's statement who believes that he should date a "normal woman". This was said by Potenza concerning his recent break-up with the American socialite Kim Kardashian.

In a conversation with The Sun, Pete's close friend Johnny Potenza said that he doesn't want to sound like Dr Frued and believes that the SNL star needs a normal woman. "I don’t want to sound like I’m Dr. Freud. But what Pete needs is a normal woman with old-fashioned family values, without all the celebrity gossip who can kick him in the (expletive)," said Potenza.

He further added, "I heard he had a meltdown. It doesn’t surprise me. The Pete I knew didn’t have an angry side. He was just a nice boy. He was very humble." Mentioning Pete's ex Kim Kardashian, Potenza said, "I think Kim had too much baggage for him. She’s 20 years older, she has four kids and she was married to Kanye West who was always making trouble for them." He went on to state that most of the people he knew in Staten Island were saying that it wouldn’t last as they come from two completely different backgrounds.

Pete Davidson and Kardashian parted ways after 9 months of dating. A source told insider that the former couple decided to just be friends after struggling with long-distance and demanding lifestyles.

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