New Delhi| Jagran Entertainment Desk: The Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor recently revealed that he had been suffering from Achilles' Tendon for over 10 years. Taking to Instagram, the 63-year-old actor posted a picture while skipping rope and was posing with his doctor happily. He wrote in his caption about how he recovered from Achilles' Tendon without any surgical procedure.

Kapoor shared the post on Instagram and wrote, "I had been suffering from a Achilles' tendon issue for over 10 years.... Doctors around the world had told me that surgery was my only option... Dr Muller, through a series of rejuvenating treatments took me from limping to walking to running to finally skipping... without any surgery..."

Take a look at his post:

What is Achilles' Tendon Woes?

The Achilles Tendon Injury is known as the largest tendon in your body, the tendon can happen from the bones of the heel to calf muscles. This injury is a layer of tissue that occurs at the back of an ankle and above the heel. This injury is very common and can happen to anyone either they are an athlete or not. In this, one can feel burning pain or stiffness in that area. It is said that if the pain is unbearable, chances are that your tendon is partly or completely torn.

This injury is also known as calcaneal tendon and is one of the reasons why one can stand on their toes and it also assists in running and walking.

What are the symptoms of Achilles' Tendon Woes?

The symptoms of this injury are that they cause severe and constant pain in a particular part of the leg that makes one unable to stand on the toes or stretch their ankle. If the pain in that area persists, that particular part of the body becomes stiff and swollen. A person can also face difficulty in pointing their toes while even doing a regular chore.

This injury is majorly caused due to running, walking, dance, football, basketball, etc.

How is Achilles' Tendon Woes treated?

This injury is treated by surgery and this injury is caused by a sporting event or any trauma. This injury can also be treated by physiotherapy, stretching, steroid injection, Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy or putting some cushioned pad under the heel.

The actor Anil Kapoor is a fitness enthusiast and is pretty much active on social media. He keeps giving sneek peek to his fans of his life. Last month, he shared a video where he can be seen sprinting on the beach.

He captioned the video that reads, "During the lockdown I was dreaming about the beach...dreaming of escaping...finally I get to the beach and my trainer @marcyogimead, makes me always comes first...It's not about the location but about the dedication."

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma