New Delhi | Jagran Brank Desk: There is a need for relief from pain/headache so that one can enjoy life and not wait for the pain to become intense/intolerable. But there are many people who still choose to hide their headaches. Perhaps they think it will make them weak if they share their pain with their loved ones. They want to maintain a resilient image of being bold and strong.

This brings us to the topic of our discussion, why hide your headache/pain behind a brave face?

This insight about the perpetrating habit amongst young Urban Indians, who are stressed about their jobs, family, health and are unable to talk about it has been observed by the brand and formed the foundation of their recent relaunch campaign, 'Sar Dard Chupao Nahi, Mitao' which positioned them as the first line of defense for relieving headaches. It is inevitable to have a headache while being stressed. Tolerating this pain and not acting on it is not healthy for anyone.

Jagran New Media with Saridon is organising a webinar titled, #NoMoreHidingHeadaches. The webinar will witness Bayer India's spokesperson, Mr. Sandeep Verma, Country Head, India - Bayer Consumer Health Division along with entertainment celebrities, Rithvik Dhanjani and Tridha Choudhry engaging in an interesting discourse.

The webinar will address the following points:

1) The pandemic's impact on stress levels and leading to increased frequency of headaches

2) How Saridon through its new campaign, 'Sar Dard Chupao Nahi, Mitao' established relevance amongst Young Indians (Men and women, 22-35 years, living in urban India)

3) Insights from 'The Saridon Headache Report'

4) The emotional and physical impacts of a headache and why healthcare centric brands need to understand emotional needs of consumers

While stress inducing factors like financial concerns, job security, work pressure, family concerns etc existed in the pre-COVID era, the pandemic has contributed to the list by manifolds and elevated health as the primary reason of worry. All of this has resulted in a massive toll on consumer's mental and emotional stress leading to various symptoms, a leading one being a rise in stress induced headaches. Saridon leveraging its five-decade-long lineage through the iconic jingle 'Sirf Ek Saridon' to spread its purpose driven message of acting on pain rather than hiding it and through an extensive survey reported category first findings that consumers, young, ambitious and hard-working men and women between 22 - 35 years of age, living in urban India who are juggling a lot of responsibilities are dealing with increased frequency of stress and tension induced headaches. However, they choose to bear the pain silently rather than sharing it or medicating for it as they do not want to add to the stress levels of their loved ones.

The leading analgesic OTC brand through this discussion, wants to lead the conversations in culture on headaches urging resilient Indians to take quick action on pain by appealing to their drive for heroism. At a more purposive level, release the pressure by telling people to share their stress, tensions and headaches with 'Sirf Ek Saridon'.

To join the webinar, click on the link here.

(Note: The article is written by the Brand Desk.)

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma