New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: Actress Raveena Tandon had become the centre of discussions when she opened up about “Mean girl gang” of the film industry, in the wake of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide last month.

Various celebrities of Mumbai’s entertainment world have since been at the receiving end of the backlash, alleging a nepotism-driven culture that goes on to sideline the likes of Sushant, pushing them into grave depression.

The ‘Mohra’ actress, in a recent interview to Hindustan Times, said that people must think rationality, as it will be a “great disservice to the poor boy who’s gone” if the sensationalisation of his death continues.

“Stop sensationalising it now. You can’t blame anyone, not the film industry. This is just becoming a witch-hunt, a lynch mob, which is wrong. People have to think rationally. It’s doing a great disservice to the poor boy who is gone,” said Raveena.

The actress also snubbed the remarks making rounds on Whatsapp that filmmaker-producer Karan Johar himself made a bad film (‘Drive’) intentionally to ruin Sushant’s career.

“Why would a producer pay an actor crores of rupees, sign him in his movie and then risk the rest of the crores in making a shitty film? Why would anyone invest so much money, time and mechanism to intentionally sabotage his own film? How absurd are these allegations,” Raveena added.

Asked about the ‘politics’ within the film industry, and about the personalities who bring their fellow colleagues down, as Raveena had mentioned in her tweets, the actress said, “There are politics, I agree. And there are good people and there are bad people. This is what I had written in my tweet also. And there are bad people who do plan your failure; I’ve been through it. They are the ones who would want to see you down and removed from films. It’s literally like classroom politics. They play games.”

Posted By: Talib Khan