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'The Rock' Reveals Secret Behind Amazing Physique In Hit Movie 'Black Adam'

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shares details of his diet and training for amazing physical transformation in Black Adam.

'The Rock' Reveals Secret Behind Amazing Physique In Hit Movie 'Black Adam'
Image Credit: therock/Instagram

WWE legend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has revealed the secret behind his incredible physique and training regime for Black Adam.

On Saturday, taking to Instagram, the 50-year-old said, "The physical transformation to become Black Adam was one of the most gruelling, intense & demanding commitments of my entire career - including football and wrestling.

"I worked very close with my long time & trusted strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi who created the year long roadmap for us to execute.

"Health, wellness, balance, diet, discipline & iron.

"We had one shot to establish Black Adam as the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet, so we removed all the muscle padding from my superhero suit and we put in the work.

"Our hard work paid off — Black Adam became my biggest box office opening of my career as a leading man.

"And @daverienzi's brilliant transformative strategy has raised the bar in the superhero genre.

"The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe has changed. And Black Adam LOVES his cheat meals."

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According to the Hollywood star the time spent morphing his body to superhuman heights was harder than anything he did in the WWE ring.

The superhero blockbuster that released in October required Johnson to following a taxing routine. He would wake up at 4 a.m. to go for a run around his neighbourhood in Florida.

Exercising at the crack of dawn makes him feel fresh and efficient throughout the day. Talking about his training, he told Bodybuilding.com, "I love putting in that hardwork as early as possible to get my day started off on the right foot, mentally and physically."

"Depending on the role I'm training for or playing at the time, I usually smash out about 30 to 50 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer first thing in the morning, whether I'm at home or at a hotel, after drinking a cup of coffee. But when I'm at home, I like to hit the road as well. And after cardio, I eat breakfast."

During the interview he also opened up about eating five meals a day! He said that he generally has some dead cow and oatmeal for breakfast.

"The other staples in my diet include chicken, steak fillets, egg whites, oatmeal, broccoli, halibut, rice, asparagus, baked potato, leafy salads, peppers, mushrooms, and onions, and then also some casein protein," he added.

The WWE legend who has also produced the film, told Fox News that his character of Egyptian descent was of inspiration to him as a kid.

"So that's why I've been pushing for this movie for so long, for so many years. Black Adam influenced me as a kid and made me think, 'Oh, I can do that! I can be that,'" he said.

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