New Delhi | Mukul Sharma: The Family Man Season 2, as Manoj Bajpayee wrote on Instagram recently, now belongs to the audience and all its fans. Srikant Tiwari, India’s popular family man is back with the TASC (Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell) and so is his conflicted conscience embattled between the evolving realism of a superior National security challenge and his role as a family man.

But unlike the first season, The Family Man Season 2 is not just about Srikant Tiwari this time. The scope of the show has expanded and blended with a carefully scripted plotline and the acting prowess of one of the country’s finest actors as leads, it absolutely justifies the massive hype and anticipation surrounding it.

The Family Man Season 2 is a near-perfect blend of a well-written screenplay reflecting a superior direction to bring the best out of the actors telling the story. The Tamil fervour in the series is realistic, flashy and devoid of any stereotypical assertions, credit the Directors Raj and DK for it.

Samantha Akkineni as Sri Lankan Tamil rebel fighter ‘Raji’ (Rajalakshmi) has the stillness of a tigress who pushes her character’s arc to the optimal of a realist resemblance with as much swiftness. For most of the episodes, Raji’s and Srikant’s plotlines travel in parallel to each other but both of them compete with each other in terms of disseminating the best of audience gratification through their respective storytelling parts. This competition goes on to excite the viewer while attempting to evoke shades of triggering emotions – empathy, fear and anger – all at the same time.

JK Talpade or just the Talpade (Sharib Hashmi), Srikant’s evergreen buddy in the TASC does better than most of the lead actors’ leading friends one comes across the platforms. It’s partly because Hashmi manages to come out as natural as possible while on screen and partly because of a demanding script and the actor’s diligence to fulfil its demands.

One actor who deserves special mention amongst this family pack of talented actors, is certainly Priyamani, who plays the character of Suchitra aka Suchi, Srikant’s wife. Credit the direction, Priyamani flawlessly manages to bring out the conflicted identities of a wife, mother and career woman inclined to compromise on her emotional exertion of falling out of love with her husband.

At one point, Suchi (Priyamani) throws the concept of 'perceptual constancy', that is, you gravitate subconsciously to where you started from. The Family Man Season 2, its leads and the sheer Intelligence-driven conceptual back-grounding of the current season diligently follow the notions of perceptual constancy. The show beautifully gravitates from where it started, and thus Raj and DK deserve special applause for upping the standard of the show episode after episode.

The Family Man Season 2 had the potential to touch the ceiling of a class-apart globalist creation from the Indian mainland if it was not for its workable cinematography and a forgettable background score. But then, one must acknowledge the production limitations that come with the pandemic. Season 2 has been shot and produced at the thick of the pandemic but even then it ticks most boxes of being amongst India’s finest OTT creations of 2021. The Family Man Season 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

(Disclaimer: The above review has been done by Mukul Sharma, Consultant, Jagran New Media. The views expressed in the article are of the author and Jagran New Media does not take responsibility of the views expressed here)

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan