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Thanksgiving 2022: Modern Family To Friends, 4 Best Thanksgiving Episodes From Hollywood Shows

Here's a list of four best Thanksgiving episodes from hit American Tv shows that will put you in the holiday spirit!

Thanksgiving 2022: Modern Family To Friends, 4 Best Thanksgiving Episodes From Hollywood Shows
Image Credit: entertainmenttonight/Instagram

We loved watching the special 'holiday episodes' of our favourite shows, didn't we? In fact, we spent months waiting for them as kids and teenagers. From happy Christmas celebrations to scandalous Thanksgiving dinners, we enjoyed them all. Here, we have rounded up four of the best Thanksgiving episodes from hit American shows that you can read while eating your turkey (or avoiding your family)!

Gossip Girl Season 3: "The Treasure of Serena Madre" – Currently going viral on social media, this ICONIC episode was packed with over-the-top drama. Even after 14 years, it remains one of the most beloved episodes by fans, as the makers of GG brought the whole gang together for a Thanksgiving feast with a Serena's secret affair, Eleanor Waldorf's undisclosed pregnancy (spoiler alert: It's Dorota_ and Dan’s secret crush on Venessa after a threesome, on the menu.

Friends: (Season 8, Episode 9) "The One With The Rumor", when it aired in 2001, it was a major TV event and a triumph of stunt casting as it had the one of the most iconic cameos of the series: Jennifer Aniston's then-husband, Brad Pitt, who played an old classmate of Ross' and the co-founder of "I Hate Rachael Green" club. The episode was loved by fans as it was funny to watch the two stars as rivals on screen when they were actually partners in real life at that time.    

How I Met Your Mother: (Season 3, Episode 9) "Slapsgiving" was Hilarious as the group of friends deal with a secret, a slap and a new marriage. But the fun begins when Marshall decides to bring his slap out with a twist. He offers the slap to someone else, and this sets a chain in motion of the group all slapping each other as they're not able to go through with it. Eventually, Marshall reveals that was his plan all along to create a sweet memory until Marshall slaps Barney anyway, creating a fun surprise.

Modern Family: (Season 6, Episode 8) "Three Turkeys" is an oddly chaotic episode showing Phil getting sexy in the kitchen as he's in charge of the Turkey (and he refers to his robot chef as a "randy little redcoat."), Mitch and Cam facing some family trouble, and Jay and Gloria abandoning the entire family by pretending to be in Mexico. This episode is delectable all the way down to Haley’s crisis over Manny’s languishing crush on her.

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