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Step Inside Former Shark Ashneer Grover's Swanky Delhi Apartment With Private Lift, Table Worth Rs 10 Crore

Ashneer Grover gave an inside look of his house during a recent interview. His luxurious abode in Delhi boasts a collection of swanky cars, gold-plated coasters, an in-house bar, and much more.

Step Inside Former Shark Ashneer Grover's Swanky Delhi Apartment With Private Lift, Table Worth Rs 10 Crore
Ashneer Grover gave fans a virtual tour of his luxurious abode in Delhi.

Ashneer Grover, a former Shark Tank India judge and co-founder of Bharat Pe, offered a tour of his opulent home in New Delhi recently. His wife Madhuri Jain Grover accompanied him on the tour while he divulged how they chose their home after visiting nearly every property in South Delhi. Ashneer claimed he and his wife designed their apartment's décor.

Ashneer, during an interview with Brut India, took the host around his house, which has a personal elevator within their flat. Madhuri then showed her "favourite spot" in the house, a living area with ivory couches and a tea table with gold-plated coasters.

Watch the video here:

The businessman then revealed a figurine of himself that the Shark Tank India crew had gifted him after the first season. "I used to like him as a shark. But of course, this version is better," Madhuri said.

According to Ashneer, there are about 100 to 150 bottles of alcohol at the home bar that is located next to the living area. The bar, he said, is mostly for his father. Then he made his way to his famed ivory dining table, which was said to be worth Rs. 10 crore.

"This table is the most infamous table. It’s supposedly worth ₹10 crore, which is news to me. I thought my house was worth ₹10 crore but then the table is worth ₹10 crore.” he added in jest.

In order to fit the enormous table inside the house, he also mentioned how he had to install a pulley.

Their house also comes with a huge corridor, measuring about 50 metres where Ashneer used to run during his session with a personal trainer. The corridor links their children Avy and Mannat's bedroom to the rest of the house. Their contemporary cream-colored kitchen was also seen in the video. His home's refrigerator was decorated with a variety of magnets that the couple had acquired while travelling.

Ashneer and Madhuri’s soft grey bedroom has a large French window that lets in plenty of light. In addition to their king-sized bed, the bedside tables, which were formerly loaded with chips, are now packed with "healthy snacks." Ashneer, who enjoys eating after midnight, said that cutting off sweets helped him lose weight.

Ashneer also gave a glimpse of his private garage, which has his collection of cars, including Madhuri's favourite Maybach and Ashneer's well-known green Porsche. After the popularity of Shark Tank India Season 1, Ashneer didn't return for the ongoing season. He recently published a book titled Doglapan.

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