New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: When Four hundred and fifty-six men and women were brought blindfolded onto an island to play a series of games it created the loudest buzz among the audience. Ever since the debut of the South Korean series on Netflix it has been impossible to take it off the number one rank on the streaming platform’s top 10 titles.

Released on September 17, the series is trending in more than 94 countries and by had been seen by 111 million accounts across the world. In India too, the K-drama is trending on number one as the viewers are not getting enough of the thriller game series.

The Squid Game in the series of Netflix is created by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, who is a contestant in the same game and marked as the first player of the game among the 456 players. The Squid game has a very large winning amount and in order to win the amount, all the players will have to qualify in 5 game rounds. But here's the catch being eliminated in a stage of the competition means literally being killed—and there can be only one winner.

After a stroke of hesitation, many came to their senses and players started to think for prize money the big game of life and death seems pretty good. Each player in the game is linked as they all have debts to pay as they owe criminal moneylenders or banks or others.

Greed and Betrayal are the main points of the series, but it also depicts the helplessness of many players and how anything like that can turn an innocent man into a killing monster. So far, Indian audiences have enjoyed many K dramas like It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, Crash Landing on You, Vincenzo, and others but Squid Game is the most popular among all, as the buzz doesn't seem to get away.

Here, know what made Squid Game the most Popular and why Indian audiences are hooked to it:

Different from existing K-Dramas

Although Korean Dramas are very popular in India the romance and sweet love-live are too dominant in many. Good-looking actress, CEO boy, and their adorable love story with a happy ending are loved by all but Squid Game has given a new perspective of K-Dramas with its originality. It's a straight-off story with many regular people dealing with money problems.

Unlike most K dramas, which generally run 16 episodes per season, Squid is just nine episodes long is also a point to be added for its popularity.

Show's concept

The Squid Game is a fresh concept that entered in Indian Market that depicts the real-life problems oF many. Amid all problems getting a pass to earn money for free by playing games designed for children seemed interesting and quite astonishing to many.

Anupam Tripathi, an Indian Actor in the series

The Pakistani migrant named Ali in the movie is played by an Indian actor Anupam Tripathi which also has caught the attention of the Indian audience. Watching a familiar face among the many Koreans and that too in a critically acclaimed series made the series even more interesting for the Indian viewers.

Anupam Tripathi after the success of Squid Game has seen his Instagram followers rise from 10,000 to 3 million in less than a month.

This and so much more make this Series a must-watch. The creators have left the ending open which means there can be a second season coming next.

Posted By: Ashita Singh