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Salman Khan's Ex-girlfriend Somy Ali Alleges He Physically Abused Her; See The Now Deleted Post Here

Salman Khan's ex-girlfriend and former actress Somy Ali accused him of physically assaulting her. See the now deleted Instagram post here.

Salman Khan's Ex-girlfriend Somy Ali Alleges He Physically Abused Her; See The Now Deleted Post Here
Somy Ali accused Salman Khan of physically assaulting her.

Former actress and social activist, Somy Ali recently posted an accusation on Instagram alleging that her ex-boyfriend, actor Salman Khan, had assaulted her in the past.

Posting an ancient snapshot of her and Salman, she said that she has been "physically abused" by him.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote, "More to come! Ban my show in India then threaten me with a lawsuit, you coward piece of sh*t. Screw your lawyer!

"I have 50 lawyers here to protect me from the cigarette burns, the physical abuse and the sodomy which you put me through and it lasted for years. So go f***kkkk yourself.

"You male chauvinistic pig. And shame on all the female actors who support this guy who has beaten several women.

"Shame on the male actors who support him. Bring it on you weakling and make sure you wear your insoles given your 5'6.

"It's time to go to war. #truth #letsdoit #betterwatchoutsk #predator #womanbeater #its wartime #sadist."

However, she deleted the post later.

In August, Somy had labelled Salman as a "woman beater". She wrote on Instagram, "A women beater, and not just me, but many. Stop worshiping him please. He’s a sadistic sick *#uk. You have no idea."

Interestingly, in March, the actress had also called Salman Khan the "Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood" by dropping a cryptic post on the phot-sharing app. 

In the post, she even tagged Salman's ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and shed light on women who have been allegedly mistreated by the actor.

"The Harvey Weinstein of Bollywood! You will be exposed. The women you abused will come out one day and share their truth. Just like @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb," she wrote.

While the comments on the post were limited by Somy, it was the reaction of transgender model-actress Nikkiey Chawla that grabbed everyone's attention.

Tagging Aishwarya, Nikkiey wrote, "Can't even imagine for a sec what all those girls might have gone through… that emotional trauma. Kudos to u my darling for raising voice and @aishwaryaraibachchan_arb."

However, this post too has now been deleted.

Although Somy did not explicitly say Salman's name, it was evident from her post. The image that was shared by Somy was evidently from Maine Pyar Kiya's popular song Aate Jaate Haste Gaate starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree.

Furthermore, her tagging Aishwarya Rai had added to the speculation. Aishwarya, who was in a relationship with Salman in 2001, has spoken in the past about their tumultuous relationship after their split.

Previously, Somy had boasted of being a huge admirer of Salman Khan. The two had also been casted together in a movie which got cancelled later.

They sustained a romantic bond for almost a decade and during this time, Somy had a great rapport with Salman's parents.

In a prior chat with Zoom, she had mentioned that they split up because Salman had been unfaithful to her.

Salman Khan, on the other hand, has not yet reacted to the post, leaving fans wondering what his opinion on the subject is. He is currently busy filming his next movie Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, which is scheduled to release on Eid 2023.

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