New Delhi | Megha Mamgain: Mikesh and Tanya, for the fans of TVF's web series, Permanent Roommates, are characters who defined modern and relatable love and live-in relationships. The show, touted as India's first web series, was launched on YouTube in 2014 and catapulted the actors to becoming household names.

"I had done some acting projects before that but the show's success is what brought me recognition. Even the attitudes of my friends and family changed towards me," jokes Sumeet.

After two successful seasons of the show on video, the makers decided to explore audio platforms and launched 'He Said, She Said' on Audible which launched in the middle of the pandemic last year. "The fact that we are doing another season and possibly more is testament that audiences have liked the audio experience as well," says Sumeet.

"Audio is a unique experience in the sense that we as actors get to have a very personal relationship with the listeners," adds actor Nidhi Singh.

What is interesting is that the audio show picks up where the first season on the video series ended, and links back to video again. Hence anyone who is interested in consuming the Permanent Roommates content as a whole, will get the multi platform digital experience of watching and listening both.

Permanent Roommates revolves around the life of Tanya, a modern, independent, working woman and Mikesh, an eager to 'settle down and get married' NRI. After three years of long distance relationship, Mikesh surprises Tanya with a sudden arrival at her doorstep and a proposal. What ensues is a hilarious yet endearing turn of events. The show found instant fan following and was also appreciated for its witty screenplay and dialogues. It is the same team that is now expanding the Tanya-Mikesh universe to audio and so don't be surprised by smart one liners like "One must aim to be not just partners but 'fart-ners' as well".

The success of the franchise meant that Sumeet started being called 'Mikky Bhaiya' by fans. "I am also stuck with "cool"," says Sumeet, referring to his character's classic response style. "It started as a joke, I found it bizarre that people, instead of saying yes, would say cool. For example, if I say, would you like to eat this, instead of saying yes, you say cool. Weird, but when I did it in the show as Mikesh, it worked and we just went with it."

This conversation was a part of an interview done with Business Head of Lifestyle and Health, Megha Mamgain. Watch the complete interview with Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh here. Watch out for a delightful interruption by Sumeet's son, baby Ved Vyas.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma