New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who was hailed as a 'messiah' during the coronavirus-mandated lockdown for helping migrant workers return their homes, said that the 'people of Bihar must have seen something right in the government that's why they re-elected the ruling NDA in the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020'. Sood also said that sometimes people give you second chance because they want their life to come to a better platform.

"The people must be seeing something right. People in India have a lot of hopes and they sometimes give you a second chance. Or a third chance. They want their lives to come to a better platform," Sonu Sood said as quoted by NDTV, on the results of Bihar Assembly Elections 2020.

After over 18 hours of counting, the Election Commission on Wednesday morning declared that the ruling NDA has managed to win 125 seats of the state's 243 assembly constituencies and returned to power, even though the chief minister's party Janata Dal-United won only 43 seats as compared to its ally BJP's share of 74 seats. The opposition, RJD-led Mahagathbandhan managed to get 110 seats, with RJD emerging as the single largest party with 75 seats.

Sonu Sood who had interacted and helped a lot of people during the lockdown reaching their homes mainly in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh further said that the people of Bihar are in a bad shape whether in the education sector or infrastructure facilities, adding that it is not important who wins, what's important is the condition of the state after 5 years.

"I've got connected to a lot of people in Bihar. They are in bad shape whether you talk of education or infrastructure facilities. I hope and believe that whoever wins, it is not important. It is important that after five years, we should have different Bihar. They should be proud of choosing a government which gave them what they believed in", Sonu Sood further said.

Sonu Sood, in every possible way, helped the migrant workers return their homes from big cities like Mumbai and Delhi by facilitating them buses and other mediums of transport. Sood even won many awards for his efforts during the coronavirus crisis. Hee had even launched a toll-free helpline number for people who needed assistance or any kind of help in reaching homes.

The unprecedented crisis followed by the spread of coronavirus which resulted in a sudden announcement of nation-wide lockdown by PM Modi in late March left the migrant workers employed in cities like Delhi and Mumbai without work and income and any means to return to their home states. Many reports emerged amid the lockdown when migrant workers desperately trying to get home sometimes walking for hundreds of kilometres with many dying on the way.

Posted By: Talib Khan