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Pagglait movie review: Sanya Malhotra starrer is a breath of fresh air

Ensemble cast, dysfunctional family's madness and the close-to-reality depiction of death in a house make Sanya Malhotra starter a must-watch.

By Sanyukta Baijal
Fri, 26 Mar 2021 10:20 PM IST
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Pagglait movie review: Sanya Malhotra starrer is a breath of fresh air

New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: With an ancestral courtyard house, a grand joint family and an untimely death is not the only thing which sums up this dramedy. The film centres on a bereaved woman, Sandhya (Sanya Malhotra) who lost her newly wedded husband but does not feel sad about it at all and instead craves for pepsi and chips.

With a set up of a big family played by a beautiful ensemble cast, Sandhya's behaviour draws a lot of flak from her in-laws. With the drama unwrapping around the people arriving for the funeral, there are barely other Bollywood films which have touched a topic of death in a family with this amount of reality.

As much as we loved Sanya's confused character, who finds out a hidden secret about her deceased husband, the cast of the film was equaly adorable and kept us glued till the end. The film's writer and director Umesh Bist smartly steered the story towards the rest of the malleable cast which included actors like Ashutosh Rana (father in-law), Sheeba Chaddha (mother in-law), Raghuveer Yadav (taya ji), Meghna Malik (mausi) and more.

The film further unfolded with the chaos in the orthodox and conservative dysfunctional family who although left no stone unturned to claim that they were 'modern' and 'broad minded'. Also, one of the unsung heroes of this death saga was Sandhya's friend Nazia who turned out to be a total 360-degree different portrayal of small town salwar-kameez clad muslim women with a nose piercing who survive on biryani. Another key character was Dadi who however didn't say anything apart from Usha's name (Sheeba Chaddha), but showed her disagreement through farting.

You may notice the beauty of the polished actors working together but another interesting detail of the film was that how one of the characters was smartly kept under the wraps.

Over all, this Netflix release is a breath of fresh air and gets a thumbs up from our side. You should definitely give it a watch as it might be the only death story which will put a smile on your face.

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